API Documentation

Here are the endpoints along with a little documentation for each:



Returns a list of term codes and descriptions (three previous terms, the current term, and two future terms if available). The current term is also returned in its own node called 'current'.

Example: https://cif-dev.unm.edu/api/v1/schedule/terms



Returns a list of Departments that have online sections for the given Term Code.

  • term_code is a 6-digit number. Anything else should return an error.

Example: https://cif-dev.unm.edu/api/v1/schedule/online-departments/201980



Returns a list of online sections, with brief information about each one, given a department code and a term code.

  • term_code must be a 6-digit number. Anything else should return an error.
  • department_code must be an alphanumeric string 3 or 4 characters long. Anything should return an error. Alpha characters should be uppercase.

Example: https://cif-dev.unm.edu/api/v1/schedule/online-sections-brief/201980/288A

Section Details


Returns detailed data about a section given a term code and a crn. Optionally returns CIF data, if it's available.

  • term_code must be a 6-digit number. Anything else should return an error.
  • crn must be a 5-digit number. Anything else should return an error.
  • return_cif must be the number 1. Anything else will result in CIF data not appearing in the results.

Example: http://cif-dev.unm.edu/api/v1/schedule/online-section-detailed/201910/47561/1

Note that basic documentation is also available here:


In addition, some malformed URLs may/should return the same content as above, along with a 404 Not Found.