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Proctorio is an automated remote proctoring tool that works with assessments in UNM Learn. This secure, easy-to-use, and customizable solution offers a viable alternative to a physical proctor or testing center. Proctorio supports newer models of instruction by providing oversight outside of the classroom for higher-stakes tests, as well as lockdown browser features and exam-stealing deterrents. Note: there are currently multiple virtual proctoring tools being offered for use in UNM Learn.  For a quick comparison of the two, see About Virtual Proctoring Tools.


About Virtual Proctoring with Proctorio and How to Sign Up

Want to know more about what Proctorio is, and what it does? And/ or ready to sign up? The first step is to fill out the request form asking that the tool to be enabled in your class or classes in an upcoming semester.  You will also need to attend a training session.

Deadlines are as follows:
Spring terms - November 1st
Summer terms - April 15th
Fall terms - July 1st


Getting Started

This page explains how to do the initial set up in your Learn course, enable virtual proctoring, customize proctoring settings on a test, view results in the Proctorio Grade Book, and more.


Guidelines and Best Practices

This page provides helpful tips for each phase of process, including a list of hardware requirements, and recommendations for practice tests, settings, and communications with students.   Reading through it will give you and your students the best chance of a smooth and convenient transition to virtual proctoring.


Frequently Asked Questions


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