UNM Learn Critical Issues

Current UNM version: Blackboard Learn 9.1.201510
Page last updated: 6/23/17
For a list of formerly critical issues that are now resolved, see the UNM Learn Resolved Issues page.

This page identifies software defects within UNM Learn that affect core functionality, less critical issues that users might assume is working correctly, and issues that impact a majority of users. The issues on this page are classified as "bugs" within the software, and are reported to the vendor for resolution. For other important issues to be aware of within UNM Learn that are not classified as bugs, be sure to check the 'Tool Tips & Alerts' tab on the Quick Tips for Designing & Teaching in Learn page as well as the Faculty FAQ pages.

Tip: Some issues (including some not listed on this page) only appear in specific browsers. If you are having difficulties doing something with one web browser, you can try a different browser to see if it will work there.

Please note, this page is focused on issues impacting instructors. For a list of critical issues that impact students, please see UNM Learn Critical Issues for Students.

Area Issue/Workaround (if available)
Bb Grader

When using the Bb Grader Mobile app to grade group assignment submissions, any inline grading (Crocodoc) comments  made by the instructor on the group’s document are not visible to students. The instructor can view the comments using the Bb Grader app, but they do not appear to instructors or students when viewed in a web browser. This issue does not occur with individual assignments.

Workaround: Use a web browser to grade group assignment submissions if you will be using the inline grading feature to make comments on the student’s document.


Some course components (such as Discussions, Blogs, Journals, and Wikis) with due dates but no availability restrictions that are placed inside of an unavailable Folder or Learning Module are accessible from the Calendar tool. Students are able to access the course component via the calendar entry (which is created automatically based on the due date) even though they cannot access the Folder or Learning Module the item is in. Tests, Surveys, and Assignments with due dates but no availability restrictions that are placed inside unavailable Folders or Learning Modules are also listed on the Calendar, and will give students an error message if they click on the Calendar entry.


Option 1: Uncheck the due dates for items in unavailable Folders or Learning Modules.

Option 2: Set the same availability or adaptive release rules that are on the Folder or Learning Module on the item itself (e.g., Test, Discussion Forum), and you do not need to uncheck the due date.

Course Copy

For some users, course copies are indicating they are complete before they are actually complete. Please wait 30 minutes after copying to check content in your course. If you initiate the copy procedure more than once, your course will contain duplicate content.

Course Copy - Group Discussion Boards

When copying courses with Group Discussion Boards, and selecting the option to 'Include only the forums, with no starter posts' on the course copy, the Group Discussion Boards will still contain starter posts (which are anonymized by default). The option to 'Include only the forums, with no starter posts' does work for the main (non-group) Discussion Board.

Workaround: After copying, enter the destination course (the course you copied to), and delete any unneeded copied group discussion messages.

Course Reports

The data for Course Reports may run behind. As of 6/23/17, the reporting data is current at 6/23/2017 5:45 AM. With the lower activity during the summer term, reporting may remain current until activity picks up at the start of the fall term.

We are working with the vendor on a resolution, and will post updates here as things progress. We will post an update to LEARN_INSTRUCTOR-L when the issue is resolved.

Date Management

The Date Management tool does not include availability dates on group discussion forums. Date restrictions on group discussion forums will not show up on the Date Management Review page and will not be updated. Please note: the Date Management tool works properly with other discussion date settings, including full class forum availability, small group forum due dates, and links to the group tool.

Workaround: When updating course date settings using the Date Management tool, instructors must also access each group discussion board to manually update availability dates. An alternate option is to present group discussions in a way that does not require availability restrictions.


Users with the forum role of “Manager” (Instructors and Teaching Assistants by default) or “Builder” (Course Builders by default) receive an ‘Access denied’ error when attempting to access Discussion forums that are unavailable to students. The Discussion grading interface is still accessible, however. For details, see Accessing Unavailable Discussion Forums.

Workaround: The simplest workaround is to temporarily make the Discussion forum available to students. For instructions and information on additional workarounds, see Accessing Unavailable Discussion Forums.


Some e-mails generated from within Learn (such as e-mails generated from the ‘Send Email’ tool in Learn and the emails generated for Announcements) will be listed as coming from a “do-not-reply@unm.edu” address. In most cases, when the recipient replies to the e-mail, the reply-to address does go to the original sender. However, certain email programs (such as the default email program in Windows 10) do not use the 'reply-to' header in the e-mail in order to populate the 'To' field on the email, and the response will not be delivered to the original sender.

Workaround: After hitting reply in your email program, check the "To" address before sending to ensure your reply is going to your intended recipient. Windows 10 users can use a web browser to log in to their email service and reply to e-mails, instead of using the default mail program in Windows 10.

Grade Center

If an instructor enters learner feedback comments for a Test and then later modifies the student's grade for that item using full grade center upload (from an offline file), the comments that were previously entered will no longer be visible to the student in the My Grades area.

Workaround: The student can access the feedback comments by viewing the graded test attempt instead.

Grade Center

When an instructor clicks the 'Save Draft' button while grading Group Blogs or Group Journals, the grade and any feedback entered are not saved. (Note: This issue does not occur with Individual Blogs or Journals.)

Workaround: Submit the grade instead of saving a draft.

Grading/ Rubrics

Graders receive an error message when attempting to grade rubric-based assignments.

Workaround: Per the vendor's recommendation, we have temporarily granted Graders the ability to edit rubrics in order to resolve the grading issue. This change was implemented in UNM Learn on Friday, 2/10/17, and will be reverted once the grading issue is resolved. 


Students who are not in a group are able to access the group’s Blog and Wiki content via the Blogs or Wikis tool pages within the course.

Blogs: Students can view and comment on other groups' blogs, but not create their own entry. 

Group Wikis created before 1/7/17: Students can view the Wikis of a group they are not a part of, but they cannot add content. 

Group Wikis created on or after 1/7/17: Students can not view other groups' Wikis. 

Import Package

For some users, imports are indicating they are complete before they are actually complete. Please wait 30 minutes after importing to check content in your course. If you initiate the import procedure more than once, your course will contain duplicate content.

Inline Grading

This issue applies to the Inline Grading tool in Assignments when making comments on submitted documents. When using the Firefox web browser, the last comment made on a student's document will not be saved unless you click within the Crocodoc (document markup) frame after making the comment.

Workaround: Instructors can use another browser to avoid this issue. If using Firefox, instructors must click within the Crocodoc (document markup) frame after making the comment in order for it to be saved. Tip: If you open the 'Comments & Markups' frame, you can see which comments are saved. View video demonstrating the Firefox workaround.


If you are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you may encounter problems with Mediasite Recordings in courses that use this tool. Affected users will see a message indicating that the site uses a plugin that is unsupported.

Workaround: Use Mozilla Firefox instead.

Section Groups

Instructors lose access to the section group if a section within the group is canceled.

Workaround: Contact UNM Learn Support to have access restored.


When using Internet Explorer 11 to take tests or surveys that contain multiple essay questions and are set to display questions all at once, the cursor may jump from the current essay question to the last essay question, e.g., a student starts typing into the first essay question and the cursor will jump unexpectedly to the last essay question.

Workaround: The workaround for students is to use another Internet browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, when taking essay tests.


This issue applies to Tests that are set to display questions "One at a Time" where the test questions contain images. If the student passes the "Display Until" time that is set in the test, any images in test questions viewed by the student beyond that point will not display.

Workaround: There are several potential workarounds to this issue:

Option 1: Set a "Due Date" and also check the option "Do not allow students to start the Test if the due date has passed" instead of using the "Display Until" date. You would still be able to use "Display After" date option.

Option 2: Select the option to present test questions "All at Once" instead of "One at a Time".

Option 3: In the course content collection, modify the permissions for each test image to manually add the student role.


When instructors click “Participation and Grading” within a Wiki and select an individual student who has contributed to multiple pages, there is an option at the top of the page to “Display Pages” with a drop-down menu that lists the pages to which the student contributed.  When the instructor selects a page in the drop-down menu and clicks “Go”, the instructor receives the error message: “Access Denied  Either you are not logged in or you do not have the appropriate privileges to perform this action.  You may have access to other parts of the course.”

Workaround: The workaround for this issue is to use the direct links to the pages, listed on the same page.  Instructors can click on the links displayed in the “Page Version” column or the “User’s Modifications” column.”