UNM Learn Critical Issues

Current UNM version: Blackboard Learn 3900.21
Page last updated: 4/4/2022
For a list of formerly critical issues that are now resolved, see the UNM Learn Resolved Issues page.

This page identifies software defects within UNM Learn that affect core functionality, less critical issues that users might assume is working correctly, and issues that impact a majority of users. The issues on this page are classified as "bugs" within the software, and are reported to the vendor for resolution. For other important issues to be aware of within UNM Learn that are not classified as bugs, be sure to check the 'Tool Tips & Alerts' tab on the Quick Tips for Designing & Teaching in Learn page as well as the Faculty FAQ pages.

Tip: Some issues (including some not listed on this page) only appear in specific browsers. If you are having difficulties doing something with one web browser, you can try a different browser to see if it will work there.

Please note, this page is focused on issues impacting instructors. For a list of critical issues that impact students, please see UNM Learn Critical Issues for Students.

Area Issue/Workaround (if available)

The Proctorio extension can cause unwanted page refreshes when navigating through Learn. This issue can happen to students that have Proctorio enabled from either a current or past semester course and can impact them in any course, whether or not the course uses Proctorio. This happens more often when users remain on a page in UNM Learn for a prolonged period of time (e.g., watching a Kaltura video or posting to a discussion board with a lengthy reply). This has been troublesome to students as some have lost work when replying to a discussion post from the Content Editor or have lost their place in a Kaltura video after the page refreshes.

Workaround 1: Use an alternative browser such as Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

Workaround 2: Disable the Proctorio extension by clicking the three dots in the top right of their browser > More Tools > Extensions > Click the toggle button to disable it. Students can re-enable the extension if needed.

Workaround 3: If students are not using Proctorio in any of their courses for the term, they can delete the Proctorio extension by clicking the three dots on the top right of their browser > More Tools > Extensions > click "Remove".

Adaptive Release

When an existing adaptive release is edited and the option "User has at least one attempt for this item" is selected, the selected column in the Grade Center changes from the column that was previously selected to "None". This makes the content accessible to all.

Workaround: Edit the Adaptive Release again to re-select the correct grade center column.

Assignments - Audio Feedback

Please be aware there is an issue with audio feedback. If you click the gear and run “Set up microphone,” then immediately try to record feedback, the recording will be broken.

Workaround: If you need to check your microphone settings, do so. Then click the ‘x’ to close the recording window. Click the microphone icon to reopen and start your recording. When finished, be sure the recording plays back correctly.

Assignments - Inline Grading

When adding a comment to a student's submission using the inline grading tool (Bb Annotate), if an instructor leaves the page (either intentionally, by losing internet connection or after the 60-minute inline grading session expires) before clicking the "Comment" button, the comments are not retained.

Workaround: To save a Comment, click the “Comment” button. If you want to add another comment to the same thread, the button to save the comment is labeled “Reply.” You must save each comment by clicking the "Comment" or "Reply" button.

Assignments - Inline Grading

When Instructors, Teaching Assistants and Graders use the Inline Grading tools to comment on student work, those annotated files can be downloaded as PDFs. Due to variations and potential issues in the way browser-based software displays PDFs, certain annotations may not display when viewing these PDFs using web browsers (e.g., Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox).

Workaround: Users should download and view annotated PDF files directly in a dedicated PDF viewer (e.g., Adobe Acrobat DC, Acrobat Reader DC).


Some course components (such as Discussions, Blogs, Journals, and Wikis) with due dates but no availability restrictions that are placed inside of an unavailable Folder or Learning Module are accessible from the Calendar tool. Students are able to access the course component via the calendar entry (which is created automatically based on the due date) even though they cannot access the Folder or Learning Module the item is in. Tests, Surveys, and Assignments with due dates but no availability restrictions that are placed inside unavailable Folders or Learning Modules are also listed on the Calendar, and will give students an error message if they click on the Calendar entry.


Option 1: Uncheck the due dates for items in unavailable Folders or Learning Modules.

Option 2: Set the same availability or adaptive release rules that are on the Folder or Learning Module on the item itself (e.g., Test, Discussion Forum), and you do not need to uncheck the due date.

Content Editor - Code Snippet Tool

If students use the code snippet tool to insert computer code in test answers, line breaks are stripped upon submission, causing the code to display on a single line.

Students can insert code in the standard editor without choosing to use the code snippet tool.

Content Editor - Spell Checker

The spell checker no longer identifies misspelled words as you type. It requires the user to click the spell check button within the editor.

Course Copy

Course copies may indicate they are complete before they are actually complete. Please wait 30 minutes after copying to check content in your course. If you initiate the copy procedure more than once, your course will contain duplicate content.

Course Reports

The data for Course Reports may run behind. As of 4/4/2022, the reporting data is current at 4/4/2022 6:00 AM.

Date Management

The Date Management tool does not include availability dates on group discussion forums. Date restrictions on group discussion forums will not show up on the Date Management Review page and will not be updated. Please note: the Date Management tool works properly with other discussion date settings, including full class forum availability, small group forum due dates, and links to the group tool.

Workaround: When updating course date settings using the Date Management tool, instructors must also access each group discussion board to manually update availability dates. An alternate option is to present group discussions in a way that does not require availability restrictions.

Grade Center

If an instructor enters learner feedback comments for a Test and then later modifies the student's grade for that item using full grade center upload (from an offline file), the comments that were previously entered will no longer be visible to the student in the My Grades area.

Workaround: The student can access the feedback comments by viewing the graded test attempt instead.

Grade Center - Grading Schemas

If you set the points possible for graded items (assignments, tests, discussions, etc...) to a non-whole number, letter grades may not be assigned correctly if you create and use custom, complex grading schemas. Be sure to review letter grades to make sure they are correct.

Grade Center - Weighted Columns

Grades that have been exempted in the Grade Center are included in calculations by Weighted Total columns. Be sure to review weighted grades to make sure they are correct if you exempt any grades that are included in the Weighted Total column.


Students who are not in a group are able to access the group's Blog content via the Blogs tool pages within the course.

Students can view and comment on other groups' blogs, but not create their own entry.

Group Blogs/Journals

Posts to Group Blogs or Group Journals do not show in “Needs Grading” by default.

Workaround: Select “Show attempts that don’t contribute to user’s grade” in Group Blog and Group Journal settings.

Import Package

Imports may indicate they are complete before they are actually complete. Please wait 30 minutes after importing to check content in your course. If you initiate the import procedure more than once, your course will contain duplicate content.

Kaltura Mashup Videos and Course Copy

Some embedded Kaltura Media Mashup videos that have been linked in a previous course and copied forward may be broken and generate the following error when instructors or students click to play them: “Either you are not logged in or you do not have the appropriate privileges to perform this action.”

Workaround: relink the video(s) by creating a new Kaltura Media Mashup item.

Learning Modules

If a student is already in a Learning Module before course components (such as Items, Tests, Assignments, Discussions, etc.) with availability restrictions become available, and the component then becomes available based on date/time restrictions, the component may not immediately appear to the student even after refreshing the page. In our testing, the components can take up to 15-20 minutes to appear. Example: A Test in a Learning Module is set to become available to students at 11:30 AM, a student goes into the Learning Module at 11:29 AM, at 11:30 AM the student refreshes the page, but the Test does not immediately appear. After 15-20 minutes have passed, the Test will appear after refreshing the page.

Workaround: To access the component immediately, log out of UNM Learn, log back in to UNM Learn and navigate back to the Learning Module.

WebDAV (aka, Web Folder or Shared Locations)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) was implemented at UNM to enhance information security and privacy safeguards to further protect sensitive data. Unfortunately, WebDAV in UNM Learn no longer works with this authentication method.

Workaround: To upload multiple files/folders at once, zip the files/folders and then upload the zip package to the content collection using the Upload > Upload Zip Package option. This option will extract the zip folder into your content collection while maintaining the folder structure.


When instructors click “Participation and Grading” within a Wiki and select an individual student who has contributed to multiple pages, there is an option at the top of the page to “Display Pages” with a drop-down menu that lists the pages to which the student contributed.  When the instructor selects a page in the drop-down menu and clicks “Go”, the instructor receives the error message: “Access Denied  Either you are not logged in or you do not have the appropriate privileges to perform this action.  You may have access to other parts of the course.”

Workaround: The workaround for this issue is to use the direct links to the pages, listed on the same page.  Instructors can click on the links displayed in the “Page Version” column or the “User’s Modifications” column.”