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How do I grade an assignment?

Grading is done in the Grade Center, by selecting Course Management /Grade Center/Full Grade Center.  Locate the appropriate column. Use the carat to open the menu. Click Grade Attempts. If you have set up the Needs Grading criteria in your course, you may also use that link under Course Management/Grade Center/Needs Grading.

Where is the Assessment Tool / Where are the quizzes?

Tests, Surveys & Pools tool has its own 'canvas,' found under Course Management/Course Tools/Test, Surveys, and Pools.  This is an area strictly for instructors to use in building assessments. Once a quiz or test has been created, it must be added as a link to a content area page (a folder or learning module).  Having linked it in the course, use the dropdown menu next to the title to Edit the Test Options: enter availability dates, randomize questions, set scoring options and feedback behaviors, etc., enter additional time or attempts for individual students, etc.

How do I grade a test or see test scores?

Grading is done in the Grade Center, by selecting Course Management/Grade Center/Tests. To see an individual student's test, click the options arrow for that student in the test column and select the "Attempt". If you see a green arrow for a student that means there are questions on the test that require grading.

If you have set up the Needs Grading criteria in your course, you may also use that link under Course Management/Grade Center.

I can't see the students' peer reviews in the Self-Assessment/Peer Review tool.
The students' peer reviews will be available for you to view after the due date you assigned when you set up the assessment.

Can I use Respondus with Learn?

Yes, you will need to:

  • upgrade your Respondus software to version 4.0.5, which you may download from your Respondus course inside Learn.
  • select the Blackboard personality before creating/importing a new quiz
  • add a new server through the Publishing Wizard before publishing your quiz
Is there a version of Respondus for the Mac?

No, there is not. However, the Blackboard Quiz Generator will let you create a pool from a text file (or Word file) you can then import into Learn: This tool is provided for open use by the College of Southern Idaho.

After you follow the instructions for creating the pool, use the Course Management/Course Tools/Tests, Surveys & Pools tool. Click Pools, then Import Pool. After you have the pool in place, you may create a test and select questions from that pool.

There is an empty folder from Respondus in my Content Collection
This may not be a permanent condition, but for right now, each time you publish a test from Respondus to Learn, it creates an empty folder in the content collection. If the folder is empty, you can delete it from the Content Collection.

How can I randomize the answers on a test?

From the link to your test in a content area, select Edit Test, then for each question:

  1. From the options menu for the question, select Edit
  2. Scroll to Section 2 and select the option Show Answers in Random Order
  3. Scroll to the top or bottom to Submit

From the Tests, Surveys & Pools tool under Course Tools, click Tests if you have already created your test or Pools, then follow the steps above.

If you are creating your test in Respondus first, use the File/Preferences menu to select the Randomize answers option - that will make that the default for all questions you create or import.

Note: you would want to avoid or deselect that option for questions that have an absolute positions in the answers, such as "All of the above" or "a and b".

Is there a short answer type of question?
You can use the Fill in the Blank question type and just not put a blank in your question text.  Or use the Essay question type.  There is an option to grade all instances of a particular question at a time--to help make manual grading a bit faster.

Can I see how many students missed a test question?
Item Analysis is on the options menu where the link to the test is "deployed".  You can also access it in the Full Grade Center using the drop-down menu at the top of a quiz column.

How do I see the My Grades page?
Use the "Student View" button in the upper right corner of the screen.  When finished, use the back button on your browser to return to "Instructor View," or log out and log back in.

How do I copy a test from one course to another?

To copy one test:

  1. In the course you are copying from, Content Management / Course Tools / Tests, Surveys and Pools, then Tests
  2. Using the options menu for the test, select Export to Local Computer. You will be prompted to save the zip file. Do not "unzip" this file - it is not intended to be deconstructed.
  3. In the course you would like to copy to, go to Course Tools / Tests, Surveys and Pools, then Tests
  4. Use the Import Test button to locate and import the test. The test will appear but must still be deployed on a content area page for students.

To copy all tests:

  1. From the course you are copying from, select Content Management / Packages & Utilities / Course Copy
  2. In Section 2, find your destination course with the Browse button
  3. Scroll down and select Tests, Surveys and Pools, then Submit

If you are not a member of the course you are copying to, use the Packages & Utilities / Export/Archive Course option and repeat the steps above.