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Help! Getting an error "External URL" "The target page can not be opened..."

Chances are you deleted the tool link for the Course Dashboard, then tried to assign a new course "Entry Point" (home page) before adding anything to take its place.  To fix it:

Click the stack of pages icon to the left of the home icon.  This opens your 'missing' course menu in a new window. 

If you are comfortable with Learn, use the Course Menu to add Items or Files to a Content Area, or add a Tool Link (ex. Calendar or Announcements)--something that is not a URL. Then go to Customization / Teaching Style/ and choose a new Entry Point. If necessary, log out of the course, then re-enter.  The course Entry Point and Course Menu should now display properly.

After you click the stack of pages icon (as described above)
Click "Course Information."
Click to open the Build Content menu.
Choose "Item."
Give it a name, add text if you like, browse your computer to attach a file if you like. 
Click Submit.  Notice the small gray square next to Course Information (indicating it was empty) has disappeared.
Scroll down to Customization/ Teaching Style, and from the drop down menu next to "Entry Point," choose "Course Information."
Click Submit.  The Course Menu should now function properly.

How can I select a page to be the entry point for students?

In the Course Management Control Panel, click Customization then Teaching Style. At the top of that page is the menu to select which item in the course menu will be the "entry point".  You may only choose from links that are not hidden or not empty.

I created a "blank page" but now I cannot find it in the Content Collection.
A "blank page" will exist only on the content area page where the link appears. You can copy it or move it, but it is not an actual file. If you delete a link created as a "blank page" that content will be gone.

Can you embed media from other sites besides YouTube?
Yes, if media is web-based and provides you with something called an embed code (or share code), you may copy that code and paste it into the HTML view of any description, blank page or html page using the content editor.  If all else fails, you can also simply post the URL as a web link.

What is a module page?
A module page allows you to add any module that is available in Learn to your students. A module is like a tool/small "app"; it might perform a certain function or display specific information or links. The Course Dashboard is a module page. To see the module choices, click the Add Module button on the Course Dashboard (in the Edit On mode) for the list of currently available modules.

Can I upload a zip file or a number of files at once?
Yes, from Course Management / Content Collection, click the first link, which is identified by your CRN. This is your file storage area. From the Upload button, select Upload Package. This will allow you to upload a zip file and will automatically extract the contents after the upload. Because that part is automatic, first create a new folder, if necessary, to keep the files organized. Enter the folder, then do Upload Package.