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Can I make a backup of my course?
  1. In your Course Management menu, click Packages & Utilities
  2. Click Export/Archive Course
  3. Click the Export option, which will give you choices of what to export.
  4. After you Submit, wait until you receive an email indicating the completion of the export, or refresh that page until you see the export file appear.
  5. On the same Export/Archive page, you will see an entry for your export file; use the options menu to select Download

You will be able to use this export file to import back into your course shell, or into another course shell. But remember, the import process is additive, so you have to be mindful of what you might be duplicating.

Where are my course files?
In the Course Management Control Panel, click Content Collection; the first link that appears is for your course file manager. The link has your course CRN and Banner year/term as the name of the link.

I've been trying to upload a file that has a similar name to another file but I don't see the new file.
We have not determined the limit on the number of beginning characters that can be similar in another file name, but try changing the beginning characters in the new file's name.

Can I create a .zip file from files or folders in my Content Collection?

Yes. Click the "select box" to the left of each file or folder you would like to zip (or compress). Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Download Package button. Each folder has its own Download Package option as well.