Editing and Adding FAQ

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How do I edit?
The Edit On/Off button is in the upper right quadrant of the screen. ("On" is green!)

How can I hide parts of my course?

If the link you want to hide is in the Course Menu, move your mouse over that link and use the "Options" menu arrow that appears on the right to Hide Link.

If the link is on a content area page, use the options menu for that link to select Edit, then on the editing page, look for "Permit Users to View this Content" or use the "Display After" and or "Display Until" control dates/times on that page.

For more on this, see Blackboard's Help page on Instructor Features.

Where are my course files?
Files added to a Learn course are stored in the Content Collection, located under Course Management. The course you are currently in will be the first link:   It is actually the course CRN, followed by the Banner Term - Year, then 08 for August/Fall, 10 for January/Spring, or 60 for June/Summer.    Ex - 39362.201680

Why can't I see all of the tools in the edit text box (in the Visual Text Box editor)?
Sometimes the Visual Text Box Editor appears in a truncated view; to open up all the tools click the double chevrons on the right side of the toolbar.

How do I get files from another course into the content collection?
Through your course's Content Collection you may select the files you wish to use in another course, then click Download Package which will create and download a zip file of those files.

Does the WYSIWYG editor (text editor, content editor) break code? Can we disable it?
The WYSIWYG editor will remove HTML code normally located within in the "head" tag of a web page if you try to use that code in an "item", a "blank page", or the description of a link. It will allow that same code in a file that is stored in the Content Collection.

Where is the customize link option?
Use the drop-down option menu to the right of any link (mouse over the right side of a link/title to make it viewable) to select Edit.  Everything but a File link will allow you to add text, images, links, etc in the "Description" area for that link.

For more information, see Edit and Manage Course Areas and Content

I turned editing on, but I don't see the edit icon for anything on the page.
Move your mouse over the link on the content folder page and the editing icon will appear.

How do I change the order of things a the content page?
With Edit mode On, hold the mouse down on the left side of the link you wish to move; the cursor will change to a directional icon. Drag/drop that element anywhere on the content folder page.

How do I change what my students see when they enter?

In the Course Management Control Panel, click Customization then Teaching Style.  At the top of that page is the menu to select which item in the course menu will be the "entry point."  This is best done AFTER you have loaded some materials, created content areas, etc.  because you may only choose things that are not hidden or empty.   When finished, test what the students see with the "Student View" button in the upper right corner. 

For more information, see the Blackboard help page Course Style Options -- scroll down to see "Select the Course Entry Point."

CAUTION:   The default entry point for your course out of the box is the "Course Dashboard". If you remove or hide that page, the entry point will change to the next visible page. If there is nothing on the Course Information page, it will be hidden. The next visible page will be "How to Use Learn", which will cause your course menu to be hidden from you and give you a rather frightening error.  Happily--it is easy to fix.

What to do if you cannot see the Course Menu as a result of setting an external page as entry point:

  1. Click the icon in the upper left corner that looks like a stack of pages
  2. That will bring up the course menu in a separate window
  3. Scroll way down and click Customization, then Teaching Style
  4. Look for the menu to select a different course menu item; if you have no options, you must either add content to an existing hidden page or use the plus (+) sign at the top of the menu to add something that will be visible immediately, even temporarily, such as Announcements or the Calendar. If you choose "Content Area", you will still have to add content to that page.