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Can I add an Announcements page to my course or course menu?

Yes and Yes! (There is also one in the sidebar of everyone's My Courses page.)

To add a link to the Announcement tool to the Course Menu,  click the plus (+) sign above the Course Menu (in the Edit On mode). From that menu, select Tool, then select Announcements from the tool menu that appears.

To add a link to the Announcements page to a folder page, click Tools/More Tools/Announcements.

Are announcements editable?

Yes!  Be sure Edit Mode is "On" (upper right), then move your mouse around in the area of the announcement link to make the "Options" button appear. Then select Edit.

How can I change the order of announcements in the Announcements tool?

You may use the drag/drop function to change the order of appearance of announcements on an Announcements tool page. Hold your mouse down near the announcement link to get the four arrow icon to appear, then drag up or down.

I added a link to a discussion forum on a folder page but now I can't edit it.

After you add a link to a discussion forum on a folder page, you may only edit the properties of that forum from the the Discussion Board tool.

If you have added the Discussion Board tool to your Course Menu, look for the forum on that page and use the options menu to select Edit. Otherwise, you will find the Discussion Board tool under the Course Tools menu item under Course Management.

Can you put all discussions groups up before adding students?

Yes!  You can create discussions for groups within the group tool or select groups through Adaptive Release for discussion links prior to adding students to those groups.

What does it mean to subscribe to a discussion forum?
On the edit page of a discussion forum, you may choose to have the forum available for subscription. If selected, the user can decide if they want to receive an email when there is a new posting to that discussion forum.
I subscribed to a discussion forum but I'm not getting any emails?
All emails (not messages) generated from the course will go to your UNM preferred email account. To check which account that is for you, go to
Can I lock a discussion forum or make it read only?

No, you cannot prevent students from posting to a discussion forum and still retain the ability for students to see the discussion. If you need to grade discussion participation based on timeliness, you will need to look at the date of the posts.

You can use the display until property from the Edit option for the discussion forum, keeping in mind that the students will no longer be able to see the discussion forum.

Can I keep students from creating new threads?
Yes, that option is available if you edit the discussion forum. Editing can only be done through the Discussion Board. If you do not have the Discussion Board in your Course Menu, then look for it under Course Management/Course Tools.

Where do I find the Roster tool?

The Roster tool in Learn has been disabled due to privacy issues.  Many instructors add a "whole course blog" to their Course Menu, or create an "Introduce Yourself Discussion Forum", then tell students to create an entry there. Students can use the Content Editor to include a photo in their entries.

Each user in Learn also has the option of adding an Avatar/small photo to their profile.

What is the difference between Email and Messages?

The Email tool will sends email outside Learn, to the UNM Preferred Email Account, plus it will send a copy of the email to the senders UNM Preferred Email.  Note: none of these emails will be retained in the course, and all course members will be able to reply to the sender's email address -- replies do not go back into the course.

The Messages tool operates entirely within the course. No messages are forwarded outside of the course.

How can I see at a glance if I have new messages (from the Messages tool)?

When you log into UNM Learn, you will see the My Messages module on the left, which will list all new messages in all courses using that tool. Inside your course, you may add the My Messages module to the Course Dashboard page with the Add Modules button. Once added, you may drag/drop the module toward the top of the page.