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How do I create a sign-up sheet?
Create a group under Course Management/Users & Groups/Groups. Click Create Group and select the Self-Enroll option.

Students can see all of the group discussions in the Discussion Board.
If you use Adaptive Release to make a discussion link private for a group of students, that control is only for that link, where ever it is in the course. That same control is not carried over to the Discussion Board tool. There is no way to control links on the Discussion Board page by group. A better option may be to use the Group tool and create the group's discussion board within the group space.

How can I add a TA, enroll someone in the TA role in my course?
Use Course Management / Course Tools / Manage Course Assistants.

How can I manage the members of my randomized groups?

To manage the members in a single group,from Course Management / Users and Groups / Groups, select Edit from the options menu for that group. Scroll down to find the list of members; select the student and click the right or left arrow to add or remove that student.

To manage a number of groups in a set, from Users and Groups / Groups page click Group Sets in the far upper right. Then select Edit Set Enrollments for that group set. On that page you will be able to manage individuals or re-randomize the whole class into new groups. This would be a good way to re-use the groups from a prior semester.

To learn more about Groups, see Create Groups.