Feature & Function Updates - Q4 2015 Release (9.1.201510)

UNM Learn Updates for version Learn Q4 2015 Release (9.1.201510) applied May 21, 2016. 
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New Features and Significant Improvements

Daily Maintenance Window Changed to Weekly

Previously, UNM Learn had a daily maintenance window from 4:30-5:30 a.m., and UNM Learn was unavailable for a portion of that hour each day.  We are pleased to announce that UNM Learn now has a weekly maintenance window instead of daily, and will be unavailable on Saturday mornings only from 4:30-5:30 a.m. The additional Saturday/Sunday ‘as needed’ windows remain unchanged.

More information about UNM Learn Availability . . .

Announcement Default Changed

The settings on new announcements have changed from Date Restricted to Not Date Restricted allowing instructors to send announcements immediately by default.

New Look, New Features for UNM Learn's Media Tools

Kaltura, UNM Learn's integrated media creation and distribution tool, has a fresh new look and significant improvements to functionality.  Filtering and sorting have been improved, options for media editing expanded, useful analytics added, and options for sharing media through permissions based on user roles included.   This upgrade also comes with a new desktop app, Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite.  This app can streamline the video recording, editing, and uploading processes.  CaptureSpace Lite only needs to be downloaded once and will allow you to record and edit videos without an internet connection.  When your recording is ready, click upload to upload it Blackboard Learn! 

Note:  Because the upgrade is extensive, it is possible that pre-existing links to the Media (Course) Gallery in the Course Menu or on content pages may disappear.  Existing media will not be affected in any way, just the link to the tool. How to Re-add the Media (Course) Gallery link . . .

More information about CaptureSpace Lite . . .

Improved Discussion Threads

The way students and instructors move around inside discussion forums has been improved.  Users can now navigate from thread to thread without having to return to the main Discussions page.

More information about Discussion Threads. . .

Accessibility Updates

There have been a few improvements related to accessibility.

i>clicker Base Station Software Upgraded to integrate with i>clicker 7

The i>clicker integration with UNM Learn has been upgraded to support i>clicker Instructor software version 7.4 and higher (Note: 6.x and above will still be supported).  i>clicker Instructor software 7.6  is now available.  It features an integrated gradebook (replacing the separate i>grader application), improved LMS integration, and other improvements. 

More about i>clicker and UNM Learn. . .