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Web-Enhance Your Course

UNM Learn is integrated with the UNM Banner Student and Academic Systems. The instructions on this page detail the process for Adding a Web Component to your course, or web-enhancing your course through Banner Self-Service (LoboWeb). 

An online course is one in which learners access primary content and instruction using a variety of tools including email, chat, discussion boards, web pages, and multimedia technologies. Specific technologies employed will vary by course and instructor. Depending on the teaching style of the instructor and the course content, instruction can take place synchronously (all participants in the course log in at the same time) or asynchronously (participants log in and participate as their schedule permits), or some combination of the above. UNM's accrediting agency, the Higher Learning Commission of NCA, stresses the importance of a dynamic and interactive learning environment-- between students and between students and faculty-- regardless of the setting in which it occurs. Email, telephone office hours, chat rooms, and web-based threaded discussions are some of the technologies that help facilitate interaction.

According to New Mexico Higher Education Department (HED) requirements, at least 75% of the course occurs online, while 25% or less employs other delivery methods, including face-to-face contact.

UNM online courses are not open-ended and have set start and end dates. Most follow 8- and 16-week formats with learning activities scheduled on a weekly basis, and include a special fee. UNM Extended University supported online courses are modeled to follow the Best Practices for Electronically Offered Degree and Certificate Programs developed by the Council of Regional Accrediting Commissions

A hybrid course is a blend of face-to-face instruction with online learning using UNM's official learning management system. Hybrid courses move about half of course learning online and, as a result, reduce the amount of classroom seat time. The online portion of the instruction is delivered to the learner using a variety of tools including email, chat, discussion boards, web pages, and multimedia technologies. Specific technologies employed will vary by course and instructor. Class meeting time is reduced by the material covered is equivalent to a normal full-time class delivery for the same number of credits.

A web-enhanced course is a traditional face-to-face course that uses UNM’s official learning management system to expand student learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Examples of this include: posting of syllabi and course materials, creation of asynchronous discussions, usage of online quizzes, grade books, communication, and assignment submission tools. The usage of these tools is used to supplement instruction, and does not reduce seat time.

Courses that are taught online or in a hybrid format do not need to be web-enhanced - these courses automatically have a web component via the scheduling process. If you are interested in teaching an online or hybrid course, please contact your Scheduling Coordinator. 

  1. Login to your myUNM account at using your UNM NetID and password.

    MyUNM login screen

  2. Click the Faculty Life tab.

    Click on the Faculty Life tab

  3. Click on the LoboWeb graphic or click on Enter LoboWeb.

    Enter LoboWeb

  4. You should be on the Faculty & Advisors tab. Scroll down the menu of options. Under Class Section Functions, click Add Web Component to Class.

    Add Web Component to Class menu item

  5. Select the term and click Submit.

    Select the term

  6. Review the information on the page. At the bottom, you'll see your courses listed. Select the section(s) you'd like to web-enhance (i.e., have a UNM Learn web component for) and click the Submit button. 

    Web enhance form information page

    Select the sections for enhancement and click Submit

  7. Once submitted, the check box for the selected section(s) will disappear, and the words "Web Enhanced" will be included in the Instructional Method column.

    Screen shot of web enhance form submitted

The web component for your class should be created automatically within minutes. There may, however, be delays during high-volume times (e.g., two weeks immediately before and after the start of the term). If more than a day has passed and you still do not see your section in UNM Learn, contact UNM Learn Support for assistance.

To access your new sections in UNM Learn, go to and login using your NetID and password. For more information on getting started in Learn, see Getting Started with Learn.

Students will have access when the course is scheduled to begin. 

If you plan to group your sections in UNM Learn (combine multiple sections into one course), it is important to do so before the class start date, or before students start submitting work. More information about section groups and the section group request form is available at