Faculty - How to Use the Media Tools in Learn

UNM Academic Technologies is pleased to offer a suite of robust, multi-featured media tools created by Kaltura.  Kaltura Media tools make it possible for instructors and students to:

  • load and share .mp3's (audio files) or .mp4's (video files)
  • create videos using their webcams, or
  • record and post screencasts

Note:   If you used CaptureSpace Lite a year or so ago, you must update to Kaltura Capture desktop recording app.
CaptureSpace Lite was deprecated 1 June 2019. *Videos previously uploaded are not impacted.  

Here's how to get started

Beginning in Spring 2020 the My Media link should be present in the Course Menu of your UNM Learn course(s).  My Media is based on your user credentials, so what you see when you click the link is unique to you.  My Media uses a cloud-based service to store all the materials you have uploaded.   The items there are NOT visible to other users (e.g., your students) until you link them somewhere in the course, embed them in a discussion post or announcement etc., or create a link to the Media Gallery tool and publish them to it:

    How do I add a video to Course Information (e.g., a Content Area or Module page)?
    How do I add media to an announcement or discussion post?
    I have a PowerPoint presentation with audio.  How can I post it?
    I have PowerPoint slides.  How do I record a lecture and post it?

    How do students add a video to a discussion post or submit video for an assignment?

The most recent addition to UNM Learn's integrated media tools is a standalone app, Kaltura Capture.  It can be used to create screencasts and webcam recordings.  Kaltura Capture also provides a quick, easy way to make audio-only recordings.

How to Download and Use Kaltura Capture

The Kaltura Media (Course) Gallery is a tool that makes it easy for instructors to post media (e.g., recorded lectures) to one course or many.  Publishing media to the Media (Course) Gallery from My Media is fairly straightforward, and is a faster way to share media in bulk than publishing each video to a content area or module page. However, materials in the Media (Course) Gallery cannot be organized into folders; if you would like to organize your video content, consider linking each video to a page in your course.

The Media (Course) Gallery can also be used as a place to share student work.  See Sharing Student Projects with the Media Gallery.  That said, creating a discussion forum and having students post their videos as a Kaltura Mashup is also a popular strategy.


To Use the Media (Course) Gallery 

You must add the Media (Course) Gallery Tool Link to each course where you want the materials to appear.  You can place the link in your Course Menu, add a link to a Content Area or Module page, or both.  Note: If you publish videos to a course without adding a link to the Media Gallery, students will not be able to view them.

 How to Add Media (Course) Gallery to Course Menu
     1. Go to your Course Menu (top left part of your screen).
     2. Hover over the plus sign ( + ).
     3. Click Tool Link. From the Type drop-down menu, select Media (Course) Gallery.
     4. In the Name field, enter the name you would like ~ Media (Course) Gallery.
     5. Put a check in Available to Users
     6. Click Submit.

How to Add the Media (Course) Gallery to a Content Area (ex. Course Information)
     1. Click to open an existing Content Area (e.g., Course Information).
     2. From the menu along the top, click Tools.
     3. Click More Tools> Media Gallery.
     4. Optional: Add instructions or an explanation. 
     5. Click Submit.


Once you have created a link to the Media (Course) Gallery here is how to add media:

How To Publish Media in One Course at at Time
    1. Click the Media (Course) Gallery link you created above.
    2. Click Add Media.
    3. Your My Media collection will open.  Put a check to select the desired materials. 
    4. Click Publish.   Note:  if you addition media you have not already uploaded, click Add New/ Media Upload.  You can check your work by returning to the course itself and clicking Go To Student View.

How to Publish Media to Multiple Courses at a Time
    1. Click to open My Media. Click My Media again to see your list of materials.
    2. Click the checkbox beside desired file or files to select.
    3. From the top corner, click ACTIONS/ Publish.
    4. Click to select desired courses.  
    5. Click Save.  There will be a progress bar at the top that indicates when the action is complete.

Zoom is a stand-alone web conference tool that is available for UNM main and branch campus faculty, staff, and students.  See the Academic Technologies page on Zoom Web Conferencing for information about the types of accounts and their uses, etc.  (HSC Users, please visit HSC Technology Page on Zoom). 

How to Create and Upload Zoom Recordings to UNM Learn


To share media with other instructors you can add them as a Collaborator:

  1. Go to My Media.
  2. For the item you wish to share, click the pencil icon - Edit.
  3. Click the Collaboration tab.
  4. Click Add Collaborator.
  5. Enter their NetID (all lowercase letters).
  6. Choose a role - Co-Publisher.
  7. Click Add.
    When your designated collaborator goes to their My Media, if they have a long list of entries they can click Filters and from Ownership choose "View Media I Can Publish" to access the materials.  If they do not see the items you shared, double-check their NetID.

You recorded a video using Kaltura Capture and the upload got "stuck."  
Here is how to find the video on your local computer and upload it manually.