Faculty - How to Use the Media Tools in Learn

UNM Online is pleased to offer a suite of robust, multi-featured media tools created by Kaltura.  Kaltura Media tools make it possible for instructors and students to:

  • load and share .mp3's (audio files) or .mp4's (video files)
  • create videos using their webcams, or
  • record and post screencasts

Note:   New Kaltura Capture desktop recording app - Update required  
CaptureSpace Lite, Kaltura Media's desktop recording app was deprecated 1 June 2019.  Users must download the new, stand-alone desktop recording app, Kaltura Capture.  While the updated app offers new features and functionality, the basic workflow for creating and managing recordings is similar.  To make Kaltura Capture available to students, instructors still need a link to My Media to the course.  Videos previously uploaded are not impacted.  

Here's how to get started!

To make the tools available to students, you can create links in the Course Menu and/ or on any content page.  Note: the process is a little different for the Media (Course) Gallery, which Learn considers a "Tool" and for My Media which Learn considers a "Course Module."

How to add My Media to the Course Menu >Add Module Page

    1. Go to your Course Menu (top left part of your screen).  
    2. Click the plus sign ( + ).
    3. Click Module Page.
    4. Give it a Name (Ex. My Media).
    5. Put a check in Available to Users.  (If it is just a short-cut for you, then leave off the check.  And remember, you can use the drop-down menu to the right of the item to toggle it on and off at any time.)
    6. Click Submit.
 7. Click your new link to open it.
    8. Click Add Course ModuleMy Media  -  Add.
    9. Scroll down and click Okay.

How to add My Media to a Content Area (ex. Course Information) >Add Module Page

    1. Click to open an existing Content Area (ex.: the Course Information page in UNM Learn template courses). Or create a new one - click the plus sign ( + ) at the top of the Course Menu. Click Content Area.  Give it a Name.  Put a check in Available to Users. Click Submit. Then click to open it.
  2. From the menu along the top, click Build Content> New Page> Module Page.
 3. Give it a Name ~My Media.
 4. Optional:  add an explanation or instructions.
 5. Click Submit.
 6. Click to open the new module page you just created.
 7. Click Add New Course Module / My Media - Add.
  8. Click Okay.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

How to add the Media (Course) Gallery to the Course Menu > Add Tool link 

     1. Go to your course menu (top left part of your screen).
     2. Click the plus sign ( + ).
     3. Click Tool Link. From the Type drop-down menu, click Media (Course) Gallery.
     4. In the Name field, enter the name you would like ~ Media (Course) Gallery.
     5. Put a check in Available to Users
     6. Click Submit.

How to add the Media (Course) Gallery to a Content Area (ex. Course Information)

     1. Click to open an existing Content Area (ex.: the Course Information page in UNM Learn template courses). Or create a new one - click the plus sign ( + ) at the top of the Course Menu. Choose Content Area.  Give it a Name.  Put a check in Available to Users. Click Submit. Then click to open it.
     2. From the menu along the top, click Tools.
     3. Click More Tools> Media Gallery.
     4. Optional: Add instructions or an explanation. 
     5. Click Submit.

The most recent addition to UNM Learn's integrated media tools is a standalone app, Kaltura Capture, that can be used to create screencasts and webcam recordings.  Kaltura Capture also provides a quick, easy way to make audio only recordings.

1. To download the app, go to My Media (Since there are a number of functions that can only be accomplished using My Media, we recommend you add a link to your course menu or to a content area.  See the instructions in "Make Media Tools Available" above).

2. Click Add New> Kaltura Capture

3. Select and download the installation file for your computer.

4. Click Run to activate the installation file and install Kaltura Capture.

5. Go back to UNM Learn> Your course> My Media> Add New menu and select Kaltura Capture again.

6. Here is the rest of the process complete with screenshots:  https://knowledge.kaltura.com/installaunch-kaltura-personal-capture-application.

Once you have followed the procedure above, and launched Kaltura Capture through UNM Learn, you do not have to do it again. Kaltura Capture is a small is a stand-alone application; it now lives on your computer.  For the recording operations, you do not even need a connection to the Internet. You should a shortcut for it on your desktop.  When you want to use it, click to launch it.  

Here are illustrated instructions for using each tool: https://knowledge.kaltura.com/kaltura-personal-capture-recording-options  Note: Multi-source Presentation capture is not available.

If you have problems with audio, click the chevron to the right of the audio icon to select the correct microphone to use for your recording.

To see a list of all the files you currently have on your computer, click the Manage link (text link beneath the Kaltura logo).  Click the file folder icon to open the Library tab.  This is also the tab to select if you have recorded at an earlier time and now wish to upload your work:  Click the Upload button to the right of the desired recording to kick off the process.  NOTE:  Recordings that have been uploaded to My Media will not have this option.

For More Information:
*User Guide:  https://knowledge.kaltura.com/kaltura-personal-capture