Add Media as a Mashup

Audio or video files you have already created can be added anywhere you see the Content Editor (the formatting toolbar).  For example, media can be added to the instructions for a discussion forum or in a discussion post, in instructions for Assignments, or as part of an Announcement, to touch base.

Say you are using the Discussion board, have created a forum, and want to post a thread that includes a bit of video or audio.  Create Thread is one of many places in Learn that offers the Content Editor (the formatting toolbar). 

1. If you do not see the full tool set, click the More icon  on the far right to expand the menu.

2. Click Add Content  > Kaltura Media.

The Add Content button is (left to right) the very last icon in the toolbar.  Kaltura Media is the second item under Additional Content.

3. Your Kaltura My Media library window will open.  My Media stores all the video files you have uploaded/ created.    

Once you have created your recording using Kaltura Capture or another tool of your choice, and uploaded it to My Media, it will be listed. 

4. Click to Select it. You will be returned to the window for your post, with a preview of your video inserted.

5.  When ready, click Submit.