Use a File in Multiple Classes

When individual users upload media or create it using the Kaltura media tools integrated with UNM Learn, these materials are added to a personal repository called My Media. My Media allows instructors to create new materials, then edit or delete, publish to their other courses, and/ or share media with other instructors.

Easy Access to My Media

If you have not already done so, add the My Media Course Module to the course menu or to a module page in a content area. See Making the Tools Available.

Making Media Visible - Getting from "Private" to "Published"

Any file in your My Media collection with the Private banner along the bottom is visible only to you. To allow others to view it, that is, to "publish" it, you can:

  • Add it to a Content Area as a Mashup (Build/ Mashup - Kaltura Media).  This will automatically set it to "Published."  

  • Add it to as a Mashup to anything that has a text editor.  Make sure the chevrons are turned down so you see the full toolbar.  Mashups/ Kaltura Media.  Note: if you have text that will go with it, best to add that first, then put your cursor where you want the media to go.  Doing this will also automatically set anything "Private" to "Published."

  • From My Media, simultaneously "Publish" it to the Media (Course) Gallery for any and all classes you have Instructor/ TA/ Course Builder access to. 
         1. Put a check next to the files you want to make visible in your Media (Course) Gallery
         2. Actions/ + Publish
         3. Move the radio button to "Published." 
         4. Click Save.  The list of all courses you can publish to will load. 
         5. Put checks to select the desired destinations. 
         6. Click Save.
         7. Use the back button or the Refresh icon to return to My Media.  The "Private" banner should be gone.  If you want to see where any particular file is published, click the small plus sign beneath the Edit/ Delete buttons.

Sharing Media with other Instructors:

For the item you wish to share, click Edit.
Click the Collaboration tab.
Click Add Collaborator.
Enter their NetID (all lowercase letters).
Choose a role.
Click Add. Now when your designated collaborators go to their My Media and click the dropdown menu for "Media I Own," they can choose "View Media I Can Publish" to access it.  (In our testing, the process was nearly realtime; if they don't see it almost immediately, double-check their NetID etc.)