Add Media to Content Area

With Kaltura Media, it is quick and easy to present individual videos in the context of other course materials as part of an instructional unit.  The empty Course Information page that comes in your template can be used for this.  Course Information is an example of what Learn calls a Content Area.   Note:  if you would like to add a content area, go to the " + " in the top left corner of the screen/ Add Content Area.  Type a Name.  Put a check in Available to Users.  Click Submit. 

Want to know more about Content Areas and Modules?  Take a look at the Getting Started page (especially Starting From Scratch).

1. Click the link to the Course Information content page (or other Content Area or Module Page you are using).

2. Click Build Content > Kaltura Media

 From the Build menu, select Kaltura MediaFrom any content area, go to Build/ Kaltura Media, under Mashups--the last cluster of choices.

3. This takes you to an area called My MediaMy Media stores all the materials you have uploaded/ created.   To choose material from files you already have in your collection, click Select.  Then skip to step 10 below.

The My Media screen also gives you the Add New button in the upper right, for adding or capturing more material before you proceed.  Here is how you upload a video file you have on your computer or an attached storage device. 

My Media - Add New button is up along the top right.  And/ or click Select to choose media that you already have in your My Media collection.

4. Click Add New/ Media Upload

5. The Upload Media Screen will load.  Drag and Drop. Or click Choose a file to upload.

The Upload Media screen will load.  Drag and drop, or click the button to choose a file.

6. Browse your computer.  Select a file and click Open.

Browse your computer for the desired file.

7. When finished, modify the Name, add Description and Tags.  Click Save.

When the upload is complete, modify Name, add Description and Tags as needed.  Click Save.

8. The green bar at the top will indicate that your changes have been saved (not pictured). Click Save and Embed.

Click Back to Browse and Embed.

9. The My Media screen will load with your new file added. Click Select.

Select the file you want.

10. The Create Mashup Item screen will reload with your media item added.  Note: there is no preview, but the file will show.  Add a Title (required) and Description (optional).  When ready, click Submit.

The Create Mashup Item screen will reload.  It will appear empty, but has added the file you chose.

Here is the finished product: