Record & Post PowerPoint Lecture with Capture

PowerPoint presentations with recorded audio narration are a useful way to deliver content to students in an engaging way in your UNM Learn course.  If you have existing PowerPoints with voice-overs you can just convert, upload and link them.  Recording PowerPoints using Kaltura Capture automatically creates additional features: slides are added as chapters for handy navigation, and the text in your slides can be indexed for search.  

If you have not already downloaded and installed the Kaltura Capture desktop app and linked it to your UNM Learn class, consuilt Using Kaltura Capture for instructions before proceeding.

Once you have the tool installed and have successfully launched Kaltura Capture:

1. Click the Camera icon to disable recording any available webcam(s).

2. Select the Screen you would like record.

Note: To get the added enhancements mentioned above your PowerPoint will need to appear in full screen on the selected Screen.

3. Verify that your Audio is set to the correct microphone.

4. Open your PowerPoint presentation.

5. To start your slide show, on the Slide Show tab, click Play From Beginning

Note:  If the full screen presentation appears on the wrong screen, please end the slide show and configure your Monitor using the drop-down menu in the Slide Show tab.

6. Click Start Recording.

7. Create your recording.

8. Click Stop Recording.


9. An entry will be created in your Kaltura Capture Library.

10. Enter metadata for your media, then click Save & Upload.

11. A progress bar will display next to the entry in the Library tab.

12. After the video finishes uploading, a notification with a link to the recording is displayed.  Click the link to be taken to My Media in UNM Learn.


Linking it in a course

1. To make it visible to students, go to the course where you want to deploy the video.  

2. Click to open a content area, like Course Information.  

3. Click Build Content.  Select Kaltura Media.

4. Click Select for the video you want.

5. The Create Mashup Item screen will load.  Enter a Title. (Note: the preview may not show.)

6. Click Submit.



- - - - - - - - - - -

For additional information please see Completing and Uploading your Recording.

For information on viewing, editing, or adding slides/chapters see The Kaltura Player- Editing/Deleting Chapters and Slides.