McGraw-Hill Connect Instructions


Note: The instructions below apply to courses using integrated assignments.  If your course is using the etext but not assignments through McGraw-Hill, see McGraw-Hill Etext Instructions.



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Before starting:

  • You must have made prior arrangements with the UNM Main Campus Bookstore to use the McGraw-Hill Connect/Higher Education building block in UNM Learn.
  • You will want to make sure you have already grouped your course (if you are using section groups in UNM Learn).
This setup should be done prior to your course opening to students in Learn, so that they have time to access the materials (work out any technical issues), and if they choose to do so, time to opt-out before the opt-out period has ended.


Create a "Course Materials" content area

1.  Click the “+” sign above the course menu and select “Content Area”.

Click the plus sign at the top left corner of your course menu.  Choose Content Area.


2.  Enter “Course Materials” for the name, check the option to make the area “Available to Users” and then click “Submit”. (Optional:  Mouse over the new link, click and drag to any location in the course menu.)

Name it Course Materials.  Be sure to check Available to Users.  Submit


Add the RedShelf and McGraw-Hill Higher Education tools to the course 

1.  In the Control Panel, select “Customization” and then click “Tool Availability”.

 From the left-hand course menu Customization - Tool Availability

2. In the Tool Availability screen, locate the “McGraw-Hill Higher Education” tool and check the box in the “Available” column. Leave any other McGraw-Hill or Connect options as is at default.

Scroll down until you see McGraw-Hill Higher Education.  Put a check in the available box.

3. Locate the “RedShelf” tool and check the box in the “Available in Content Area” column.

Now scroll down to Redshelf and put a check in the Available in Content Area box.

4. Click the "Submit" button.


Create the RedShelf link in the Course Materials folder 

1. Click the link from your course menu to open the Course Materials content area.

2. Click the "Build Content" button and select "RedShelf."

Click Build Content, then select RedShelf.

3. Type "RedShelf Course Materials" in the name field, then click "Submit".

 In the name field, type RedShelf Course Materials

Finished link pictured.



How to pair your Learn course with your Connect course

Before pairing your Learn course to Connect, build your course on the Connect site first.

warning-well-small-round.pngFor instructors who previously used Connect: 
  • IMPORTANT:  Review your Connect course and make changes to any assignment dates or permissions PRIOR to pairing.
  • If in the past you manually created columns in your Learn Grade Center to import Connect assignment grades into (old method), you will want to delete those columns. (Caution:  only do this prior to the class starting; you do not want to delete columns after the class is live as this is irreversible if you make a mistake). If you do not remove those old columns, then when you deploy your Connect assignments to Learn, the deployed assignment(s) will create a duplicate column(s) in your Grade Center. 

1.  Under "Course Tools," select "McGraw-Hill Higher Education".

From your Course Tools menu, select McGraw-Hill Higher Education

2. Choose "Pair Course with Connect Section".

Pair Course with a Connect Section

3. Click "Continue".

4. Sign in using your Connect Email and Password (you only need to do this once).

Log in using your Connect email and Password.

5. Select pair with "A section in an existing Connect course" (NOTE: Build your Connect Course before you pair it with your course in Learn.)

Select Pair with A section in an existing Connect course.

6. Connect displays ALL textbooks that you have used in Connect.  Select the textbook that you will be using for this Learn course.

7. Select the section you will be pairing with your Learn course.

Select a section.

8. Your Learn course is now paired with Connect (BUT, assignments MUST be deployed using Connect in order to appear in your Learn course).

Pairing completed.



How to deploy Connect Assignments in Learn

1. Access your Connect course. access the area for assignments.

2. From your list of assignments, click to select the ones you wish to link in your Learn course.

3. Click the paper stack icon (located above the assignment list.) Select "Deploy."

 Select the desired activities, then from the second icon from the right select Deploy

4. In Learn, click "Browse" to select the place you wish for the Connect assignments to appear.  Click "Submit".  

Click the Browse button to select the spot you want the activity linked.

If assignments are not grouped in Connect under a heading, the assignments will come into Learn as separate links. If your assignments are grouped in Connect under a heading such as Orientation, Chapter 1, etc., the assignments will be placed in a folder in your Learn Course with the folder using the Connect heading title and the assignments will be under the Learn folder.



How to get Help - Support Resources for Instructors

McGRAW HILL: (800) 331-5094




LOCAL HELP: Traci Hertrich: (505) 918-3706


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UNM LEARN SUPPORT:  (505) 277-0857 or 1 (877) 688-8817

Use "Create A Support Ticket" through your Learn course.