Integrated Tools

Inclusive Access Course Materials - General

Instructors using Inclusive Access/ online course materials (Revel, MyLabs, Connect, etc.) need to request that their course be web-enhanced if it is not already in UNM Learn, then add a Course Link for "Course Materials" and enable RedShelf  under Customization/Tool Availability.

Helpful links to include for students:  
Inclusive Access - How to get an Access Code for course materials from inside your UNM Learn course
Inclusive Access - How to access an online textbook  (eBook)
Inclusive Access - How to Opt Out

Inclusive Access Course Materials - Pearson REVEL

As with all Inclusive Access products, instructors need to request that their course be web-enhanced if it is not already in UNM Learn.  Once this is done, there are several steps which must be followed to enable access.  See Setup for REVEL.

Helpful link to include for students:
How to access Pearson REVEL materials from your UNM Learn course.  Also includes opt out instructions.

Virtual Proctoring

UNM offers a virtual proctoring tool that works with assessments in UNM Learn.  There is a mandatory training to learn how to use it, and a number of steps to set it up in UNM Learn.

Helpful links to include for students:
General Information about Virtually Proctored Tests
Taking Virtually Proctored Tests


i>clicker is an interactive classroom response system that lets educators poll students in class, view the results immediately, and then provide feedback. i>clickers can add energy and interactivity to discussions and quizzes, and/ or help track attendance. 

See for links to the software, and information about support services.
See for details on using i>clicker with UNM Learn courses.

Library Guides

Instructors can use a tool to load a curated guide to provide access to targeted research resources inside their UNM Learn course.  To speak to a librarian about creating a curated list for you course, contact Todd Quinn -  If you already have one you wish to add to Learn, see "How to Add a Guide."