Other Tools


i>clicker is an interactive classroom response system that lets educators poll students in class, view the results immediately, and then provide feedback. i>clickers can add energy and interactivity to discussions and quizzes, and/ or help track attendance. 

See http://iclicker.unm.edu/unmlearn/index.html for links to the software, and information about support services.
See http://online.unm.edu/help/learn/faculty/tools/other-tools/iclicker/index.html for details on using i>clicker with UNM Learn courses.

Library Guides

Instructors can use a tool to load a curated guide to provide access to targeted research resources inside their UNM Learn course.  To speak to a librarian about creating a curated list for you course, contact Todd Quinn - tq@unm.edu.  If you already have one you wish to add to Learn, see "How to Add a Guide."