Web Conference Basics - During the Session

What are those little icons next to Participants' names?

Some of the icons that appear in the Participants' panel next to the names indicate what a user is doing in the session. If a blue microphone icon appears, that user has his mic turned on and is ready to speak (or is speaking) in the session. If there’s a square with lines, the user is typing into the Chat panel. A camera icon appears when the user turns on a webcam. These icons also appear under the Permissions menu.

A red or yellow microphone icon may appear to the right of one or more users’ names when the presentation is loading – indicating that their systems are synchronizing with the Moderator’s screen. If the red or yellow microphone icon persists that user may have a slower connection.

As a moderator, can I take away talking privileges and restore them?

Yes. You can restrict permissions globally (for all users) or individually. You can take away the privilege of users to turn on their microphones, thus turning the Talk button grayed out.

  • Global: Hover to the upper right corner of the Participants panel and click on the menu icon that appears. In the permissions menu click to disable or enable one or more options there.
  • Individual: Hover to the right of an individual’s name in the Participants list and click on the menu icon that appears. In the permissions menu click to enable or disable privileges for that single person.
How do I lower or change my connection speed?
Click Edit > Preferences > Session > Connection and use the drop-down list to select a lower (or other) connection speed.


Can I see everyone's private conversations and if someone watches the recording will they be able to see private conversations?

Moderators can see all chat conversations whether or not they’re private (student-to-student or student-to-instructor) or to the whole room. During the recording only conversations with the entire room will be visible.