Web Conference Basics - Interactive Tools

How can I get my students to interact more with me during the session?

Here are a few best-practices / suggestions that help make Web Conferencing sessions more interactive:

  • Have a “Test Your Equipment” session available throughout the semester for students to be prepared to attend scheduled Web Conferencing sessions. Strongly recommend USB Headsets and that they test before the first scheduled session.
  • Do a mic-check at the beginning of the session to make sure all students are able to participate and speak into the session. Ask those who don’t have microphones to use the chat area to respond to questions. Have people call support if they’re not able to get things to work properly.
  • Intermittently ask questions rather than lecturing for the whole session. If no one answers, call on individuals rather than asking the whole group.
  • Use the Polling feature throughout lectures to ask yes/no or multiple choice questions.
  • Use the Quiz Manager to give short quizzes to the Participants.
What's polling and how do I use that?

Polling allows you to ask yes/no or multiple choice questions during Web Conferencing sessions in order to have students participate and interact more fully. Click Tools > Polling > Polling Type to select the type of question/answer. Ask questions verbally, on the whiteboard, on a slide or in chat and have people respond. Answers can be hidden or not. Responses can be shown in a graph on the whiteboard screen once all answers are submitted.

What's the Quiz Manager and how do I use it?

Quiz Manager allows you to create several questions / responses ahead of time, save them to a file and pull them up during a session. Participants can respond and results are tabulated during the Web Conference. Results can be published for all attendees to see. This requires more advance preparation than polling, but can be very effective in making sure students are interacting.

Can I send a file to all the students through the Web Conferencing Session.

Yes – Click Window > Show File Transfer Library. Click the Select a File button to load a file. File size limit is 10 MB. Browse to the file, click to highlight it and click Open. Recipients will receive a prompt to notify them that the file(s) is available to download on each of their computers. Upload progress is shown in the File Transfer Library window: Red: 0% – 50%, Orange: 51% – 75%, Yellow: 76% - 95%, Cyan: 96% – 99% and green is 100% complete.