Web Conference Basics - Logging in

What do I need on my computer to log into a Web Conferencing Session? (System Requirements)

Click here for the current system requirements for Web Conferencing.

Where is the link to log into my Web Conferencing session?

Click the Web Conferencing link in the left side menu. On the next screen, click the link at the top “Enter here for the Session & Recording links.”  This opens the Bb Collaborate List page where current, active Web Conferencing sessions are displayed. Click the Title (link) to launch the session. If you’re not able to find that link, please contact your course designer for more information.


There is no link for tonight's session? How do I log in?

Please contact your instructor or UNM Web Conferencing & Media Support for instructions on how to schedule Web Conferencing sessions and for assistance adding this link.

Nothing happens when I click on the session link? Why can't I log in?

This can be caused by a number of different things.

  • Download and install the Collaborate launcher.
  • Also, ensure that you’re using a supported browser type. Try a different browser to eliminate that as an issue.
  • If you are using a wireless connection on the Main UNM Campus you must use the Lobo-WiFi wireless network.  Simply choose it from your network list, open the browser of your choice, agree to the Acceptable Use policy, and log in with your NetID and password.  Your credentials will be saved for 7 days at a time.

If that does not help, please contact UNM Web Conferencing & Media Support

How do I launch Web Conferencing sessions in Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 10?

This is explained in detail on the Blackboard Collaborate knowledge base site: 


Some students say they cannot see a link for the session? How can they log in? Why isn?t it visible to them?

If a session is created with “restricted” participants, for example, so that only a specific group of users may attend, other users will not even see the link for that session. Go to the Bb Collaborate List screen and hover over the session link. Click the arrow that appears to the right of the link to open the menu, and select Edit. Near the top of that area, click Participation, and uncheck the “Restrict Participants” checkbox. All users who are not specified in the Moderators box will automatically be regular Participants by default.