Schedule Sessions

These instructions assume that you have already added a Tool link to the Course Menu. Do not see the plus sign?  Make sure the Edit Mode button in the upper right section of the screen is green/ On.

1. To create a session – click to enter the web conference system.

Click the link from the Course Menu to enter the Web Conference system.

2. Click Create Session.

Click the Create Session button at the top of the screen.

For a simple session--i.e. you, the instructor, plan to be the moderator at least initially, and do not need the system to create a grade book column that is linked to the session:

3. Modify the Session Name

4. Enter Start and End times. 

5.  Click Save.

Screenshot showing the fields for steps 3-5.

Now it will appear on your list, and on the list for students as well.  (If you don't see it, expand the Search End Date and click Go to refresh your list. )  If and when the session is active, there will be a purple chevron icon in the Available column. 

Now your new session is listed for you and for your students.

*Note:  You can edit details about the session if needed. Mouse over the area to the right of the title to make the context sensitive menu visible.

Mouse over the right end of the session title if you need to Edit something about the session after the fact.

Additional Session Information Options

RepeatOff by default.  Click to toggle On if you are creating a session that occurs at regular intervals. 

The Repeat options are straight forward and easy to use.

Early session entry
– This setting allows students to enter the session before the official start time.  The default is 15 minutes, but sometimes you or your students may want access earlier (without making others think they are late!)

Early session entry is a handy feature--default is 15 minutes, but you can set it up to an hour by using the drop down menu.