How to link Zoom sessions inside Learn

Although Zoom is not directly integrated with UNM Learn, posting a link to a Zoom session inside your Learn course can make it easier for students find and access it.

Note about scheduling a session(s) with students:
   Do not "Enable join before host."  This will prevent others from using your meetings in ways you did not intend.
   Do enable "Only authenticated users can join" and be sure to select "Sign in to Zoom with specified domain." 
   Do create separate meetings for each class/meeting type. These can be recurring meetings in the case of regularly scheduled meeting times or online office hours, but should be unique from class to class. We do not recommend publicly sharing your Personal Meeting ID. You can think of your personal meeting ID as a standing meeting that never expires. Use "Generate Automatically."

For more details, see Zoom - Best Practices for Scheduling Meetings with Students

Once you have scheduled a session and are ready to link it inside your UNM Learn course(s):

1. Open the Zoom application.
2. Click the meetings tab at the top of the Zoom Application Window.
3. Click “Show Meeting Invitation.” 
4. Copy or write down the link that starts with “”
5. Navigate to your course in Learn.
6. Hover over the "+" sign at the top left corner of the Course Menu.
7. Select "Web Link."
8. Enter a Name (i.e., "Zoom Meeting" or "Live Meeting"). 
9. Paste the URL that you copied into the "URL" field.
10. Click the checkbox next to "Available to Users."
11. Click Submit. 

Again, to protect student privacy and comply with FERPA regulations, it is important that you generate new meetings for each class. Be sure to select the option “Generate Automatically” in the "Meeting ID" section of the "Schedule a Meeting" screen. If you use your personal meeting ID for multiple courses, students from another course could potentially join an in-progress session in a course for which they are not registered, causing FERPA compliance issues.