Best Practices for Scheduling Meetings with Students

Because Zoom is not integrated with UNM Learn, it is important to set up sessions and use the tool in ways that will protect student privacy.  When scheduling a session we recommend the following:

Do NOT "Enable join before host". 
We advise leaving "Enable join before host" off to prevent others from using your meetings ways you did not intend.

Do enable "Only authenticated users can join". 
Meetings with students should require authentication from a UNM Zoom account.  Please be sure to select "Sign in to Zoom with specified domain".   Note:  This does not mean students should request a Zoom Pro account; it means they go through the standard UNM authentication screen/ login process the way they do when they access other UNM services (i.e., or  The login process for students is explained in the Zoom Participant Guide.

Do not share recordings using Zoom.
Sharing recordings in Zoom gives anyone with that link unauthenticated access which cannot be tracked/audited. We have other tools for securely sharing video—such as Kaltura available through UNM Learn. The instructions for sharing a Zoom recording in UNM Learn will be posted shortly.  

Use separate meetings for each class.
You should create separate meetings for each class/meeting type. These can be recurring meetings in the case of regularly scheduled meeting times or online office hours, but should be unique from class to class. We do not recommend publicly sharing your personal meeting ID. You can think of your personal meeting ID as a standing meeting that never expires.

"Enable the Waiting Room" when using Zoom Meetings for Office Hours.
In addition to creating separate meetings for each class’s office hours, we recommend enabling the waiting room option. This will allow you to add participants to your meeting one at a time. For additional information, please see the Zoom support article on the Waiting Room


For additional information, see the Zoom support articles about Scheduling Meetings.