Managing Zoom Meetings in UNM Learn

If you have not already done so, add a Tool link for Zoom Meetings to your course menu. Note: this must be done for each course where you wish to use the tool. 

  1. Schedule a Zoom meeting 
  2. Start a Zoom meeting 
  3. Edit or delete a Zoom meeting

Schedule a Zoom Meeting from UNM Learn

Your students will see only the sessions you schedule using the Zoom Meeting tool inside UNM Learn. If you schedule sessions using the UNM Zoom web portal ( or desktop app, they will not see those sessions in their list of Upcoming Meetings. However, if you have already scheduled meetings using the Zoom web portal, you can import those meetings to the Zoom Meetings inside UNM Learn. Please see Troubleshooting & FAQ - "Students not seeing a scheduled meeting."

If you have not already placed a Zoom Meeting link inside of your Learn course, please see Create a Zoom Meetings Link in UNM Learn.

1. Click the Zoom Meeting link from your course menu.  

2. The tool should automatically launch with your Zoom account.  Note: If you are receiving an error when launching, please refer to Troubleshooting & FAQ for a resolution.

3. Click Schedule a New Meeting

4. Select your meeting settings. For more detailed information, see Getting Started > Best Practices...

Topic: the title of your meeting, e.g., your course name or "Office Hours"

When: date and time the meeting will occur

Duration: how long the meeting will last

Recurring meeting: meetings that will be used more than once in the course (e.g., weekly discussion meetings or office hours)

 Example for a class that will meet every MWF:

  • Recurrence = Weekly
  • Repeat every 1 week
  • Occurs Mon, Wed, Fri
  • End date = last week of class

Security: Securing your Zoom Meeting

  • Add a meeting password. For added security, you should generate a meeting password.
  • Enable Waiting Room. Allows the meeting host to control who is admitted into the meeting.

Video Host/Participant: select whether you would like your/your participants' video cameras to be automatically turned on or off when joining the meeting

Meeting Options - Recommendations:

  • Do not “Enable join before host”. This will prevent others from using your meetings in ways you did not intend. Only select this setting when a password is set, and you would like your students to meet without you.
  • Mute participants upon entry.  Students can unmute themselves during the class.
  • Do not “Use Personal Meeting ID”. Think of your personal meeting ID as a standing meeting that never expires. If you use your personal meeting ID for multiple uses, you may end up with conflicts or overlap of participants. Leave this unchecked to generate a unique meeting ID.
  • Do enable "Only authenticated users can join" and be sure to select "Sign in to Zoom with specified domain - *". This will ensure your meeting is only accessible to UNM students and faculty.
  • Record the meeting automatically – Record to the Cloud:

    If you prefer to not record or to only record part of your Zoom Meeting, you can leave this turned off and when desired, use the in-meeting menu instead.

    Recordings that feature interactions with students should not be shared using Zoom’s built-in share feature. Shared recordings through Zoom give anyone with the link unauthenticated and unauditable access. For information on securely sharing Zoom recordings, please see instructions for how to do a manual upload on Zoom Recordings and UNM Learn.

5. Add "Alternative Hosts" - Add any Teaching Assistants or Co-Instructors to the “Alternative Hosts” field by entering their UNM email addresses. Alternative Hosts can start the meeting and share hosting capabilities. To enter several at a time, separate them with a comma, e.g.,,, etc.

Note: Be sure anyone you are adding to this field has a Licensed UNM Zoom Account. For more information, see Troubleshooting & FAQ "Alternative Hosts Errors." 

6. Click Save. Your meeting has been scheduled.

7. Scroll back to the top of the Zoom window, and click Course Meetings.



Start a Zoom Meeting from UNM Learn

If you have not already placed a Zoom Meeting link inside of your Learn course, please see Create a Zoom Meeting Link in UNM Learn. If you have not already downloaded and installed the Zoom Meeting Software, please see Downloading and Installing Zoom

Before starting your meeting, be sure you have closed out of any applications you will not be sharing, especially those that make large demands on system resources.

1. Click the Zoom Meeting link in your course menu.

2. Find the meeting in the Upcoming Meetings tab, and click Start.

3. You may be prompted by your browser to Open Zoom Meetings.


Edit or Delete a Zoom Meeting

If you need to change settings for a Zoom Meeting, you can edit a scheduled meeting without deleting and re-creating it. Note: you cannot edit individual meeting sessions created as part of a recurring meeting. If you no longer need a meeting, you can also delete meetings from inside UNM Learn.

Edit a Meeting

  1. Click the Zoom Meeting link in your course menu.

  2. Find the meeting in the Upcoming Meetings tab, and click the Topic.

  3. Click Edit this Meeting.

  4. Make any needed changes and click Save.


Delete a Meeting

  1. Click the Zoom Meeting link in your course menu.

  2. Find the meeting in the Upcoming Meetings tab, and click Delete.

  3. Click Delete to confirm. (Note: You will not be able to recover this meeting.)


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