UNM Learn Critical Issues for Students

Current UNM version: Blackboard Learn Q4 2016 release (3100.0.3)
Page last updated: 8/5/17

This page identifies software defects within UNM Learn that affect core functionality, less critical issues that users might assume is working correctly, and issues that impact a majority of users. The issues on this page are classified as "bugs" within the software, and are reported to the vendor for resolution. For other important issues to be aware of within UNM Learn that are not classified as bugs, be sure to check the Frequently Asked Questions by Students page.

Tip: Some issues (including some not listed on this page) only appear in specific browsers. If you are having difficulties doing something with one web browser, you can try a different browser to see if it will work there.
Area Issue/Workaround (if available)

Some e-mails generated from within Learn (such as e-mails generated from the ‘Send Email’ tool in Learn and the emails generated for Announcements) will be listed as coming from a “do-not-reply@unm.edu” address. In most cases, when the recipient replies to the e-mail, the reply-to address does go to the original sender. However, certain email programs (such as the default email program in Windows 10) do not use the 'reply-to' header in the e-mail in order to populate the 'To' field on the email, and the response will not be delivered to the original sender.

Workaround: After hitting reply in your email program, check the "To" address before sending to ensure your reply is going to your intended recipient. Windows 10 users can use a web browser to log in to their email service and reply to e-mails, instead of using the default mail program in Windows 10.


If you are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you may encounter problems with Mediasite Recordings in courses that use this tool. Affected users will see a message indicating that the site uses a plugin that is unsupported.

Workaround: Use Mozilla Firefox instead.