Students - Creating and Posting Media

UNM Learn now comes with a range of media tools!  What you can do, and how you will need to go about it, depends on how your instructor has set up the course--what tools have been made available, where and how.  Because the details and logistics can vary a great deal, the first thing to do is to look for instructions inside the course, and/ or contact your instructor for clarification. 

NOTE:  Due to changes in browser security, the Kaltura legacy recording tools (Screen Recording and Webcam Recording) are no longer available. Instead, create a link to My Media and download/install Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite.  CaptureSpace Lite is standalone app you and your students can use to create screencasts, webcam recordings and more!

Use CaptureSpace Lite to make videos, webcam recordings and screen recordings - Note: Your instructor must post a link to My Media for you to download the tool.

Upload an existing audio or video file

Create a webcam recording - Must use CaptureSpace Lite

Create a screen recording/ screencast - Must use CaptureSpace Lite

Add Mashup - Embed media in a discussion post or submit it via the assignment tool

Submit media to the Media (Course) Gallery