CaptureSpace Lite

The most recent upgrade of UNM Learn's integrated media tools, Kaltura media, added a new standalone app that can be used to create screencasts, webcam recordings and more!  It is user-friendly and has lots of great features.  NOTE:  Your instructor must add a link to My Media inside your Learn course for you to be able to use CaptureSpace Lite.

To download the app, go to My Media  (Your instructor must add My Media to your course in order for you to be able to use CaptureSpace Lite).

Click Add New/ CaptureSpace Lite

Select and download the installation file for your computer.

Click Run to activate the installation file and install CaptureSpace Lite.

Go back to UNM Learn/ Your course / My Media/ Add New menu and select CaptureSpace Lite again.

Here is the rest of the process complete with screenshots:

Once you have followed the procedure above, and launched CaptureSpace Lite through UNM Learn, you do not have to do it again. CaptureSpace Lite is a small is a stand-alone application; it now lives on your computer.  You may see a shortcut for it on your desktop.  The next time you want to use it, simply click to launch it.  For the recording operations, you do not even need a connection to the internet.

Here are illustrated instructions for using each tool:  Note: Multi-source Presentation capture is not available.

If you have problems with audio, check the Settings tab/ Select a Microphone to make sure the device being using is correct.

To see a list of all the files you currently have on your computer, click the Library tab.  This is also the tab to select if you have recorded at an earlier time and now wish to upload your work:  Click to select the desired file.  The window with the upload options will open.

For More Information:
*User Guide: