Using Kaltura Capture

UNM Learn’s media tools now include Kaltura’s next generation personal video capture product, Kaltura Capture.  The Kaltura Capture desktop recorder offers a cleaner, more intuitive user interface.  With only a few clicks, you can record two inputs simultaneously:  mix and match combinations of cameras, screens and microphone.

1. From the lefthand course navigation menu, click My Media

2. Click Add New/ Kaltura Capture

Go to My Media, click My Media again, Add New, Kaltura Capture.

2. Click on the link to download the version that is correct for your operating system:  Download for Windows or Download for Mac.

A new screen loads, asking you to choose the installer for Windows -- first link, or for Mac -- second link.

3.  The installation file should begin the download process.  When finished, click to install Kaltura Capture.

4.  Go back to UNM Learn> Your course> My Media> Add New and select Kaltura Capture again.  NOTE:  Your browser may prompt you to open Kaltura Capture.  Select "Always open these types of links in the associated app" and click Open Kaltura Capture.

 Image of Kaltura Capture Icon

Kaltura Capture is a small is a stand-alone application; it now lives on your computer.  Once you have followed the steps above, and launched Kaltura Capture through UNM Learn, you do not have to do it again.   For the recording operations, you do not need a connection to the Internet.  You should see a shortcut for it on your desktop.  When you want to use it, click to launch the app.  

Use the drop-down menus to select the desired recording options.  For more, see the illustrated recording instructions.  

If you have problems with audio, click the chevron next to the audio icon to select the correct microphone to use for your recording.

You may need to select the correct mic.  The audio icon is the last one on the right.  The drop-down menu will show you all available devices.

For help adjusting your settings or viewing your library of local recordings, see Kaltura Personal Capture Application Management

For More Information: See the Kaltura Personal Capture User Guide.