Upload a Media File

Instructors have a lot of flexibility when building their courses in UNM Learn, SO the way you access the recording tool may vary.   You can access the Kaltura tool area through a link to something called a Media Gallery, or a slightly different tool,  My Media.  These could be in your Course Menu along the left.  Alternately, either or both live may on a content page or in a module.  And last but not least, the tools can be accessed through the Content Editor/ text formatting tool by clicking Mashups>Kaltura Media.   For a look at that workflow, see Add Media as Mashup

Any of these avenues will get you into the Kaltura area, which is where you need to be to create or load videos.  If you are not sure where to look, double-check the directions and/ or ask your instructor. 

1. If you are supposed to submit something to a Media (Course) Gallery, look in the Course Menu or on a module page for that link.  When that screen opens, click the plus sign ( + ). 

Click the plus sign button in the upper right.

2. The My Media screen will open.

3. Click Add New/ Media Upload.   

4. The Upload Media screen will open.  Click Choose a file to upload.

5. Browse your computer.  Select a file and click Open.

6. The upload will begin immediately, and give you a progress bar which also includes the size of the file.  (You should be able to estimate how long the process will take.)  The name of the file will appear top left in the gray bar, and will be populated in the Name field, minus the file extension.

There is a progress bar that displays across the top of the window while your file is being loaded.

7. When finished and the bar is green, modify the Name, add Description and Tags as needed.  Click Save.

The name of your file will be at the top of the page. The next field should say 100% and give you the size of the file.  The Note field should say Upload complete.

8. Media (Course) Galleries can be moderated or unmoderated.  If yours is moderated, then your work will not show to the rest of the class until it has been accepted by your instructor.  If yours is unmoderated, it will appear immediately.  If you have questions, check with your instructor.  (The image below shows the gallery after the instructor has accepted the new video.)

After the instructor has accepted your video submission, when you click to enter the Media Gallery, you will see your work.  Notice that there is a drop down menu at the top which can be set to Alphabetical or Most Recent.