Audio Setup Wizard

Audio & Video PanelAt the upper left corner of the Web Conferencing session is the Audio & Video panel.Click the Audio Setup Wizard icon at the upper right corner of that panel to configure audio input and output devices such as microphone and speakers, or USB headset (recommended).

1. Verify that the Audio Input and Audio Output devices are connected.

  • External headphones, earbuds or speakers
  • Internal speakers (for example, on a laptop)

Recommended: USB Headset device

2. Click the Audio Setup Wizard icon

  • OR select Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard.

3. On the first screen of the Audio Setup Wizard, find the Audio Output Device in the list. If the output device is not listed, disconnect and re-connect it, then click Refresh to let the system update the devices shown. If the device is still not listed, contact technical support for further troubleshooting.

4. Click to highlight the Audio Output Device.

5. Click OK.

Select the audio output device

6. On the Speaker Setup screen, click Play.

7. Use the slider bar to adjust the volume to a comfortable level.

8. Click Stop to go to the next screen.

Click PLAY to hear the recording

9. On the Speaker Setup Confirmation screen

  • Click Yes to confirm that the audio output device was adjusted to a comfortable volume level. 
  • Click No to go through the previous steps again. (Verify that your speaker or headset volume is not muted.)

Confirm audio output device configuration

10. On the next screen, select the Audio Input Device. If the device is not listed here, disconnect and reconnect it, then click Refresh to update the list of devices.

  • External microphone
  • Internal microphone (for example, on a laptop).

Recommended: USB Headset device

11. Click OK.

Select audio input device

12. On the Microphone Setup screen, select the Single Talker radio button.

13. Click Record and then speak into the microphone (input device) at a normal speaking volume.

14. Click Stop to move on to the next screen.

Click RECORD to test microphone

15. On the Microphone Playback screen click Play to listen to the recording.

16. Click Stop to move on to the next screen.

Listen to the recording

17. On the Microphone Setup Confirmation screen

  • Click Yes if the recording was clear and audible at a comfortable volume level.
  • Click No to return to the previous configuration screens and try creating another recording. (Verify that the microphone is not muted.)

Confirm audio input device configuration

18. Click OK to close the Audio Setup Wizard.

Complete the Audio Setup Wizard

During the Web Conferencing session all Participants should use the Talk button each time prior to speaking into the session. Click the Talk button again to mute the microphone when finished speaking. This will help avoid echo, feedback or noise during the Web Conferencing session.