Audio & Video in Web Conferencing Sessions

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Do I have to have a headset?

UNM Learning support strongly recommends that you use a USB headset with integrated microphone for Web Conferencing sessions, but it’s not required. USB headsets are available from most electronics departments in stores like Walmart, Target, Best Buy. This type of device is easily configured and generally trouble-free, whereas the dual-jack type headset/microphone device may not work as well or configure properly. It may be possible to use the internal speakers and microphone on a laptop, but often this causes echoing and/or static hiss for the other participants in the session.  If you have any doubt, meet a fellow student in a session and try it before the officially scheduled conference.  You can also call Web Conferencing and Media Support for help testing equipment.

How do I turn on my microphone and speak?
  • Confirm that your device(s) is connected.
  • Run the Audio Setup Wizard to ensure the audio output (speakers or headset) and audio input (microphone) are working.
  • When you want to speak into the session, click the Talk button below the Audio & Video panel to enable your microphone. A microphone icon will appear to the right of your name in the Participants panel. Use the slider bar (above Participants) to adjust your volume.
  • When finished speaking click Talk to turn off your microphone. This helps prevent echo, feedback or noise within the session.
Why can't I hear anything in the session?

If you are unable to hear others speaking, but are seeing the microphone icons appear next to Participants’ names, and/or are seeing an indication of conversations within the chat window, make sure your device(s) is connected and run the Audio Setup Wizard again.

This is usually quickly resolved, so please do not hesitate to call Web Conferencing & Media Support for further assistance.

Why can't anyone hear me in the session?

If you can hear other participants, but they are not able to hear you when you click Talk, verify that your microphone is not muted. There may be a button on the headset cord that plugs into your computer, or a mute button on one of the ear-pieces. Check that your device is securely connected and run the Audio Setup Wizard again. Make sure you can hear your test recording when you play that back during the Audio Input Device configuration.

How do we get rid of the echo /noise/buzzing?

Extra noise or echoing within a session is often caused when more than one person has a microphone turned on. Make sure everyone has their mic turned off (click Talk to turn the mic off) when they are not speaking.

Also, the audio equipment in some laptops cause audio interference which results in a constant buzzing noise.  We recommend you use an inexpensive USB headset for participating in web conferences.

Do I need a webcam?

Please contact your instructor to find out whether you need a webcam for Web Conferencing sessions. Many courses are not requiring webcams or using them at all during sessions.

How do I use my webcam during a Web Conferencing session?

Ensure that your webcam is recognized by your laptop or desktop computer, whether internal or externally connected. Log into the Web Conferencing session. Click the Video button, below the Audio & Video panel. Additional settings are found under Tools > Video.

The audio seems to pause and then speed up at times ? how do I fix that?

This can be a result of having a slower connection, such as wireless, or a public-Internet connection. Change your connection speed and speaker sample rate to lower settings.

  • Connection Speed: Click Edit > Preferences > Session > Connection and select a lower connection speed from the drop-down list.
  • Speaker Sample Rate: Click Tools > Audio > Speaker Settings and select a lower Speaker Sample Rate from the drop-down list.
After running the audio setup wizard, why can't I hear anyone?

Sometimes even after running the Audio Setup Wizard the volume remains turned down within the Web Conferencing session. You must turn that up using the volume slider below the Audio & Video panel.