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What's Whiteboard Mode and how do I use it?

Whiteboard Mode is the default mode in a Web Conferencing session, corresponding to the first of the three buttons at the upper left corner of the main session window.

Whiteboard Mode Button

In this mode Moderator and Participants can interact on the whiteboard directly using the various toolbar buttons – drawing, highlighting, writing, text boxes, shapes, clip art, etc. If you are a Moderator within the session, click the Load Content button at the upper right corner to load PowerPoint presentations or images to the Whiteboard slides where everyone can see them.

How do I load a PowerPoint presentation into a Web Conferencing session?

if you have Moderator privileges, you can upload content into Web Conferencing sessions by clicking the Load Content button at the upper right corner.  This lets you load PowerPoint presentations or images(.jpgs) to the whiteboard slides where everyone can see them. The presentation file and PowerPoint must be closed in order to upload it into the Web Conferencing session. Slides are converted to images, so animations and advanced features will not work in this environment.

How do I change slides?

After uploading the presentation through Load Content, a smaller window – Page Navigator – will appear. Use the arrows at the top of that window, or double-click on a slide to jump to it. Alternatively, close the Page Navigator window and the same arrows will appear at the top of the slides. Use those to navigate forward and backwards one slide at a time, or use the drop-down list to select a particular slide.

How do I remove or delete of one of the slides?

To remove a slide, click the Delete Page link at the upper left corner above the slide. Alternately, hover to the far upper right edge of the Web Conferencing toolbar and click on the menu button that appears – select Open Page Navigator. In the Page Navigator window that opens click the slide you want to delete, and click the Delete button. There are menu options available as well.

I want to go back to the blank Whiteboard. How do I do that now that the presentation is loaded?

Use the drop-down list at the upper right area above the slide, and select Public Page (or do the same within the Page Explorer).

What types of files can I load into the Whiteboard area?

PowerPoint .ppt and .pptx files from 2003 to the present, and files created in Open Office 3.1 or higher--.ppt, .pptx, .sxi and .odp.   Note:  slides are converted to static images, so animations and other advanced transitions etc. will not be preserved.

Is there a file size limit for presentations that I want to upload?

The Whiteboard content limit is 20 MB per Web Conferencing session. Limit presentation files to that size or smaller. If necessary, split the slides into more than one file, and upload them separately.

Why do my animations, links, or features fail to work after uploading my PowerPoint presentation; what is a good alternative?

Animations, transitions and other advanced PowerPoint features do not work in the Web Conferencing sessions because when the slides are uploaded each one is converted to a static image. If your presentation requires that you be able to share the animations, links and advanced features, use Application Sharing mode instead of uploading the presentation.

Can I load multiple PowerPoints presentations into one Web Conferencing session?

Yes. You can load up to 20 MB of data into a single Web Conferencing session. Keep in mind that users’ connections may have to refresh each time you upload another presentation. You can also delete a presentation and upload a different one, if file-size is an issue.

It takes awhile to load the presentation into the session. Can I do this ahead of time?

Yes -- prior to the scheduled session, upload the presentation into any available Web Conferencing session (practice sessions, if they exist, work nicely).  Click the Load Content button. Select File > Save to convert it to a .wbd or .wbp file. This file can be given to your instructor to upload into the session details either when scheduling the upcoming Web Conferencing session, or by editing the session details.

What's Application Sharing Mode and how do I use it?

Moderators can use Application Sharing mode by clicking the middle button of the three Mode buttons along the upper left section of the main Web Conferencing area.  Alternately, select from the Tools menu - Tools > Application Sharing.

Application Sharing Mode

Use the menu that appears to share your entire desktop or a single application. Applications must be open and not minimized on the primary monitor in order to appear in the list. To stop sharing and return to Whiteboard mode, click the STOP button on the highlight around the shared area, or select Tools > Stop Sharing. Click the Whiteboard Mode button to return to the public slide or presentation.

Can I share video from my desktop?

No.  Video files do not play well through Application Sharing mode, and the audio will not play via the Web Conferencing system. Participants will see a very choppy image without sound. To share video, upload the file to YouTube or another website, and use Web Tour mode instead.

How do I share a Word or Excel file?

Make sure the Word or Excel file is open (behind the Web Conferencing window). Click the Application Sharing button and select the application from the list displayed. That will share the specific application within the Web Conferencing window.

Application Sharing Mode

Why can't I see a particular application (program) in the list when I click the Application Sharing button?

Applications must be open and not minimized on the primary monitor. Open the application or maximize it, then refresh the Application Sharing list.

What is Web Tour Mode and how do I use it?

Moderators can start Web Tour mode by clicking the third button of the three Mode buttons along the upper left part of the main Web Conferencing area.

Web Tour Mode

Web Tour mode allows Moderators to demonstrate one or more websites with Participants. During Web Tour mode all links on each page will be active for the Moderator and Participants. Keep all attendees synced by checking the “Follow” checkbox near the URL field when starting Web Tour mode.

Why is it better to use Web Tour than to share my browser using Application Sharing?

Either way will work, but Web Tour mode actually opens a browser screen on each Participant’s computer, allowing them to click through links and experience the site interactively. This also lowers the level of bandwidth during the session, which may help users with slower connection speeds keep up with the demonstration.

How can I show a video during my web conferencing session?

To share video, upload the file to YouTube or another website, and use Web Tour Mode to share the URL where that video is available.

Will people see what I am doing in the Web Tour mode?

Yes – all attendees will be able to see each screen you open by clicking on links or images. Just make sure the Follow box is checked so that Participants' displays stay synchronized with the presentation. Keep in mind that end users' systems need a moment to refresh the image as you change the page.

NOTE: If the site requires a password, Participants may not see the pages after you've logged in. Only publicly available sites work well in Web Tour mode.