Participant Guide

General Recommendations

  • Make sure the computer you plan to use had an updated Web browser.  Mozilla Firefox seems to work well for both Windows and Macs.
  • Audio device recommendation: USB Headset An inexpensive one will do nicely.  DO plug it in before joining a session.
  • The initial download is relatively large.  Plan on using the fastest, most stable internet access you can, and allow yourself plenty of time.  On-campus you must use  Lobo-WiFi.  Simply choose it from your available network choices, open a browser, agree to the acceptable use policy, and enter your NetID and password.  Your credentials will be saved for 7 days.

Participante User Interface

Joining a Web Conferencing Session

  • Click the Web Conferencing link in the left side menu. If you cannot find this link, please contact the Instructor or Course Designer for assistance.
  • On the Bb Collaborate List Page, click the Title (active link) to launch the session.
  • There may be more than one active session - one for CAPS Tutors meetings, an equipment-check session, and one or more scheduled sessions for class or group meetings.
  • Use the Search options to find specific sessions for your group, or sessions scheduled for other dates.
  • Click the Previously Recorded link and use the Search options to find recordings of previous Web Conferencing sessions.

Learn Web Conferencing List Page

Downloads & Prompts

  • Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing requires a small software program in order to run.  Before accessing their first session, users must download and install a ‘Launcher’ program.  When you click on a session or recording link, Blackboard Collaborate checks to see if you have the launcher installed and, if you don't, prompts you to download it.  If there is no active link in your course but you would like to install the launcher, Blackboard has a page where you can do that.

    NOTE: The initial download is a large file so we recommend that you download the program on a fast, stable connection well in advance of your first live session.

    Need help?  This page will walk you through the process.

  • The connection progress bar appears showing the user that the local Web Conferencing session is connecting to the host or server.  Connect to host
  • First time users will get a Blackboard Collaborate window. Select your connection speed from the drop-down list, check the checkbox, and click OK. It is possible to change this setting during the live session if necessary. Reducing the connection speed may resolve connectivity issues.

Connection Speed

  • If the user is a Moderator a prompt appears in the session that says, “You have been granted Moderator privileges.”

Moderator privileges

  • Depending on how the Recording Mode was set up in the scheduling process there may be a Recording Reminder prompt.

Recording reminder

Audio Setup Wizard Instructions

Connect the audio input and output device(s), for example: USB headset or speakers and microphone.

RECOMMENDED: USB Headset with microphone

NOTE: While running the Audio Setup Wizard you will not be able to hear anything going on in the session or speak into the conference. After the final screen your audio will be enabled.

Click the icon at the upper right corner of the Audio & Video panel to open the Audio Setup Wizard and follow the instructions on each screen to configure and test audio devices.

Click here for detailed Audio Setup Wizard instructions.

Chat Panel - Room Chat and Private Chat Messages

  • To send a chat to the entire room, click on the area near the bottom of the Chat panel and type the message.
  • Hit Enter to send the message to the room.
  • Public chats will be displayed on the Room tab where everyone attending the Web Conferencing session can read and respond interactively.
  • To send a private chat to a specific individual, student or instructor, double-click on that person’s name in the Participants panel.
    • A new tab with the name of that person will appear.  
    • Click that new tab to view the private conversation.

Chat Panel  Private Chat