How to Get Help

Use the Create Support Ticket link inside your Learn course if your instructor has made it available.

Create a Support Ticket inside your Learn course

Inside your Learn courses, look in the Course Menu.  If you see a link to "Create a Support Ticket" please use it!  It will automatically add your name, NetID, UNM-preferred email address and the class you're in.  This will save you time and give us the details we need to get back to you promptly.


Ask a Question in a Support Ticket

Go to Studentinfo (for students) or Fastinfo (for instructors).

Click Ask a Question
  1. Click "Ask a Question" to open a support ticket
  2. Login in as student or employee
  3. Select "UNM Learn" as the Department/Area


Or Contact Us

Web Conferencing & Media Support

Phone: (505) 277-0857   Toll Free:  (1-877) 688-8817

Tips & Tricks:

How to Participate in a Web Conference

Click this icon for the Audio Setup Wizard

Test Your Audio Setup

Immediately after launching a Web Conferencing session, run the Audio Setup Wizard by clicking the icon at the upper right corner of the Audio & Video panel (or select Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard).

Using wireless on the main UNM campus

Log into Lobo-Sec, the secure wireless network option. This will require a passphrase which can be found at

Trouble using Internet Explorer

If you are unable to launch a Web Conferencing session, or if the icons are not displaying correctly, switch to Firefox. This is downloadable for free from

Have a specific question?
See Student FAQ.

Common Problems

Cannot see the Course Menu:

  • If you can see the menu but there is nothing in it: there is a little arrow to the left of the Course Name at the top of the Course Menu. If that arrow is point to the right - click the arrow to reveal the whole course menu.
  • If you do not see the course menu at all (no course name), then move your cursor to the left side of the window until it turns into a cursor with a left and right arrow - click that to Show Course menu

unhide the course menu