Adobe Flash End-of-Life

In July 2017, Adobe announced the end-of-life for the Flash Player to take effect at the end of 2020. Browser vendors have communicated plans for ending support of Flash in their browsers and are making it difficult to enable and use Flash. Some browsers already come with it off by default.

Although most courses in UNM Learn do not have Flash content, we wanted to make sure all faculty are aware that Flash will be reaching end of life December 2020. These files (e.g., .flv, .swf) could be:

  • Flash content you created yourself 
  • Flash files imported/copied from another course or source 
  • Links to external sites containing Flash content  
  • Interactive content imported via SCORM packages 
  • Rendered exports from content creation tools (e.g., Camtasia) 

Note: Flash content may reside in your content collection or be deployed in other areas in UNM Learn, such as embedded content in tools (e.g., quiz questions).  

For courses that have Flash content (e.g., .flv, .swf), instructors will need to remove or replace that content with a supported format, such as HTML5. When creating any new content be sure not to export it into any Flash content file types.

In case it is helpful, UNM has a partnership with Adobe and you may qualify to get a free or discounted rate for Adobe Creative Campus, which includes some content creation tools. For more information, please visit the UNM Creative Campus homepage.