How to Get Help

Create a Support Ticket Inside Learn

Use the "Create a Support Ticket" link at the top of the Support Tab

If you have just logged into UNM Learn, click the Support tab up along the top (in the dark gray bar).  Click "Create a Support Ticket."
Click the link for the Support tab, then choose create a support ticket.

Use the "Create a Support Ticket" link from inside a Learn Course

Use the Create Support Ticket link inside your Learn course if your instructor has made it available.

If you have clicked to enter a particular course, check the course menu over on the left.  If you see a link for "Create a Support Ticket" please use it!  It will automatically add your name, NetID, UNM-preferred email address and the class you're in.  This will save you time and give us the details we need to get back to you promptly.

Ask a Question via UNM Customer Help

Click Ask a Question

Go to Studentinfo (for students) or Fastinfo (for instructors).

  1. Click "Ask a Question" to open a support ticket
  2. Login in as student or employee
  3. Select "UNM Learn" as the Department/Area

Or Contact Us - 24/7 Phone Support

The UNM Learn Support team is pleased to announce expanded phone support coverage!  Call 505-277-0857 or 1-877-688-8817 any time, day or night.

  • Albuquerque:   505-277-0857
  • Toll-Free: 1-877-688-8817

Zoom Meetings & Media Support

Phone: (505) 277-0857   Toll Free:  (1-877) 688-8817

Tips & Tricks:

Zoom - How to Participate in a Web Conference

Test Your Audio and Video Setup

Before joining a UNM Learn Zoom session, test your equipment:

    Zoom -  Check Audio   |   Check Video

Have a specific question?
See Student FAQ.

Common Problems

Do I have the right software?

When in doubt, try a different browser...
If something isn't working in Learn, one easy thing to do is try a different Internet browser.  In particular, if you have trouble viewing media content using Chrome, try Firefox or another of the supported browsers.  (Chrome is disabling support for certain media playback plugins. )

Cannot see the Course Menu:

  • If you can see the menu but there is nothing in it: there is a little arrow to the left of the Course Name at the top of the Course Menu. If that arrow is point to the right - click the arrow to reveal the whole course menu.
  • If you do not see the course menu at all (no course name), then move your cursor to the left side of the window until it turns into a cursor with a left and right arrow - click that to Show Course menu

unhide the course menu