UNM Learn System Availability

 Weekly maintenance outage

  • UNM Learn has a weekly scheduled maintenance window Saturday mornings from 4:30 a.m. until 5:30 a.m. MT.  The application will be unavailable for part or all of this interval, depending on the nature of the work being done.

Routine maintenance schedule (as needed)

  • There is also a routine UNM Learn maintenance window every Saturday from 5:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. MT which may be used as needed for system maintenance.

  • In addition to this, UNM IT may conduct general system maintenance that affects multiple systems on campus, including UNM Learn. The general system maintenance window is on Sundays, from 6:00 a.m. until 12 noon MT.

  • Routine maintenance is conducted between full semesters when possible. However, there may be times during the semester when UNM Learn must be brought down for maintenance.

  • In most circumstances, announcements will be posted in UNM Learn two weeks ahead of time to notify users of any outages planned during these windows. The outage will also be listed on  IT Alerts, and Learn instructors are notified via an e-mail to the LEARN_INSTRUCTOR-L list.

Unplanned outages

  • Although UNM IT invests significant human and technical resources to ensure systems remain available (aside from planned maintenance), there are times when UNM Learn may unexpectedly become unavailable. This is referred to as an “unplanned outage.” An unplanned outage may be due to an issue with Learn itself or Learn may be impacted by a larger infrastructure issue affecting multiple applications and services.

  • When the UNM Learn service is impacted by an unplanned outage, an on-call technician is paged. The technician evaluates the cause, calls in other resources as necessary, and works to restore service as quickly as possible.

  • During an unplanned outage, we attempt to issue the following communications as soon as possible:

    • An outage page is posted at https://learn.unm.edu letting users know we are aware of the issue and are working to restore service.

    • A message is posted on IT Alerts. Depending on the length of the outage, this message may also be updated periodically with status updates.

  • Once normal service is restored, the following updates are issued to inform everyone about the duration of the outage and to make instructors aware of potential impact on student work (e.g., interrupted tests, missed deadlines). Instructors determine how they will handle this in the context of course activities.

    • The outage notice on IT Alerts is updated to include “(Resolved)” in the subject line.

    • An official announcement is posted within UNM Learn containing the time frame for the outage (from the time the on-call technician was notified until service was restored). This information is available to all users who log in to UNM Learn (students, instructors, staff) and is posted shortly after Learn becomes available, even if that is not during normal business hours. The announcement remains available for several days.

    • During business hours, an e-mail communication is sent to all Learn instructors via the LEARN_INSTRUCTOR-L summarizing the outage details.