Windows 10 - Change your Default Browser

Microsoft has recently released Windows 10. Windows 10 is compatible with Blackboard's learning management system. However, the default internet browser for Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge; as of January 2016, Edge does not work with the Kaltura Media Tools inside UNM Learn.  An easy solution is to download and install Mozilla Firefox and set it as your default browser.

Download and install Mozilla Firefox  -

Once installed you will need to change your settings to choose Firefox as the default.
Settings > System> Default apps> Web browser> Choose Firefox from the options

  • Click Settings

    Click Settings.
  • Click System

    Choose system.

  • Click “Default apps”
    • Scroll down to “Web browser”
  • Select Firefox from the options

    Choose Firefox from the your options.
  • Firefox is now your default web browser

    Firefox will now show as your default browser.