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Core Curriculum Courses

The University of New Mexico requires all undergraduate students to complete core curriculum requirements as part of earning any baccalaureate degree. The required courses encourage intellectual development in seven areas of study: (1) writing and communication, (2) mathematical reasoning, (3) scientific methods in the physical and natural sciences, (4) social and behavioral sciences, (5) the humanities, (6) languages, and (7) the fine arts. Core courses are designed to enhance each student’s academic capabilities. The core curriculum consists of approximately 37 credit hours of courses in the seven areas of study. 

Beginning in Fall 2018, course sections will be scheduled for Managed Online Program students in an 8-week format and offered on a cyclical basis. Look for the courses in the current schedule of classes with a course comment that reads "Limited to managed online program students only."  Below is a listing of the individual courses that fulfill a core requirement:

Course NumberCourse NameUNM Core AreaCredit Hours
ENGL 110Accelerated Composition13
ENGL 120Composition III13
ENGL 219Technical Writing13
STAT 145Introduction to Statistics23
ASTR 101Introduction to Astronomy 33
ASTR 101LAstronomy Laboratory31
BIOL 110Biology for Non-Majors33
BIOL 112LBiology Laboratory for Non-Majors31
CCS 109*Introduction to Comparative Global and Ethnic Societies43
ECON 105Introduction to Macroeconomics43
ECON 106Introduction to Microeconomics43
PSY 105General Psychology43
CCS 201*Introduction to Chicana and Chicano Studies53
HIST 101Western Civilization (to 1648)53
NATV 150*Introduction to Native American Studies53
RELG 263*Eastern Religion53
SPAN 101Elementary Spanish I63
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II63
MUS 139Music Appreciation73
MUS 142Rock Music Appreciation73

Course also meets University's "U.S. and Global Diversity and Inclusion” 3-credit undergraduate degree requirement. 

A full listing of Core Curriculum courses can be found on the UNM Core Curriculum Worksheet.