About Virtual Proctoring Tools

UNM Learn currently offers two virtual proctoring solutions. They lock down students' browser windows during an exam, so they cannot access other sites. They can also be configured to record students while they are taking a test and flag certain behaviors for you to review later. While integrated with UNM Learn, both are third-party tools that require set up. We have included links to the documentation page for each tool below, as well a comparison of the two tools and the way they are implemented at UNM.

Respondus LockDown Browser:

  • Free for students.
  • No sign up process. Instructors can set it up entirely themselves (no vendor involvement or bookstore orders).
  • Students need admin access to their machines, since they will be installing a separate application.
  • Does not work on mobile devices, including Chrome books.
  • Works with tests natively built in Learn. If you are linking out to a test on another site, such as a publisher’s website (e.g., Connect, Pearson MyLab), it may not work. You should talk to your publisher rep to verify or to see if they offer their own virtual proctoring or lockdown browser solution that will work with their tests.

NOTE:  Proctorio is being phased out starting Summer 2021.  For virtual proctoring, please use Respondus LockDown Browser with Monitor.

Proctorio Virtual Proctoring:

  • $20 Inclusive Access fee per student per course. This gets charged to their Bursar account, so they can use financial aid.
  • Requires a sign-up process with set deadlines, so that the bookstore, vendors, etc. can get everything in place on their end prior to the semester starting.
  • Students obtain their voucher code from RedShelf and will need to enter it the first time they take a Proctorio-enabled test.
  • Faculty and Students must use the Chrome browser and have the Proctorio Chrome extension installed to edit the test or take the test.
  • Does not work on some mobile devices, unless they have a supported OS.
  • If you are already using Proctorio, changing to Respondus LockDown Browser will take some preparation.  It is important that you remove the Proctorio settings from all your existing tests before deleting the tool in your course and configuring them through Respondus.