Respondus 4.0 Test Creation Tool Updates

Azure AD Authentication, which includes Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), was implemented at UNM to enhance information security and privacy safeguards in order to further protect for sensitive data. As part of that project, we will:

1) Create a new preconfigured server setting that uses Azure AD on April 6, 2021. If you previously created a server setting using the preconfigured server option, it should automatically prompt you to download the authenticator module the next time you connect to Learn within Respondus. After downloading it, it will launch a login page for Learn. Once you login, close the Learn browser window and return to Respondus and click Ok. See documentation below for more information.

2) Disable LDAP, an older authentication method, in UNM Learn on May 22, 2021. LDAP was used by the Respondus 4.0 test creation tool to log users into their Learn course before publishing or retrieving tests. Once LDAP is disabled, any old server settings you created manually (not using the preconfigured server setting) will break and give you the error codes below. To fix the issue, you will need to create new server setting using the preconfigured server setting set up to work with the Azure AD Authentication method. Please see below for more information. 

"Error accessing course list..." or "Authentication failed"
If you still have the old server settings that used LDAP, you will see two errors (below) when you try to connect to Learn from inside the Respondus 4.0 test creation tool. If you see these errors and have not updated your server settings to use the preconfigured server settings recently, then you need to delete the old server and add the new one. 

 respondus4-error-accessing-course-list.png       respondus4-authentication-failed.png

Deleting the old server setting in Respondus

Deleting the old server will help to avoid confusion later and prevent you from selecting the old/wrong one by mistake.

1. Open either the Publish Wizard or the Retrieve Questions Wizard.

respondus4-publish-wizard      respondus4-retrieve-questions-wizard

2. Select the old server under "Blackboard Server". 

3. Click the "Edit Settings" button.

4. Click "Delete". 



Adding the new server that works with Azure AD authentication

You must use the preconfigured server setting for Azure AD.

1. From Blackboard Server drop-down menu, select "-add new server-".

2. Select "Yes, check for preconfigured server settings".

3. Enter a name for the server (e.g., UNM Learn).

4. Click "Next".



5. If this is your first time connecting, you will be prompted to download the Authentication Module. Click "OK" on the Authenticaton Module Download prompt. It will then download the files needed. Note: This must be done from an account with administrator privileges on your machine. 
    If this is not your first time, then continue to step 6.


6. Next, you will see the following pop-up message saying "Log into Blackboard using the brower window, then close the window and click OK to continue". Click "OK". 



7. The Learn login page will open in a Respondus browser window. Click "Log in to UNM Learn" and log in as normal. You will also be prompted to enter an MFA code. Note: Since this is not your normal browser, no username or passwords will be saved. You’ll need to enter those manually.

8. Once logged in, click the "Close After Login" button in top right.  


9. Return to Respondus and click "OK" on the prompt "Log into Blackboard using the browser window, then close the window and click OK to continue."

10. Check that it connected successfully. Click "Next". Note: you may need to authenticate 2x (steps 6-9) if this is the first time setting up the server. 


11. Click "Finish".