About Virtual Proctoring in UNM Learn

NOTE:  Proctorio is being phased out starting Summer 2021.  For virtual proctoring, please use Respondus LockDown Browser with Monitor.

What is Virtual Proctoring?

Virtual Proctoring, available in UNM Learn for web-enhanced, hybrid, and online courses, is powered by Proctorio. Proctorio is a flexible virtual proctoring tool that students purchase through the UNM Bookstore as a course material via Inclusive Access. Whether you teach online, face-to-face, hybrid, or a combination of modes, Proctorio can help you regain precious instructional time and deter cheating. It allows instructors to collect data of your choosing about students' testing environment while they take tests in Learn. Proctorio  can record video, audio, web traffic, screen activity, students’ surroundings, keystrokes, location data, and more. Proctorio collects the data you specify and analyzes it to detect suspicious behavior in real time. Once test attempts are complete, you may review the proctoring data, flagged for easy viewing, via a link in the UNM Learn grade center. Proctorio is currently implemented as an extension to the Google Chrome browser, to provide a minimally invasive but full-featured virtual proctoring experience. 


How do I sign up to use Virtual Proctoring?

1. Updated March 2021: Starting Summer 2021, we will be phasing out the use of Proctorio. We will no longer take new requests. Only instructors already using it and where it's not feasible to move to Respondus yet may be granted an exception to continue use of it. For questions, contact learn@unm.edu. For more information about our other proctoring tool, visit the Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor page.

Deadlines are as follows:
Spring terms - November 1st
Summer terms - April 15th
Fall terms - July 1st

2. Attend a live virtual proctoring training, provided by Proctorio and UNM Learn Support. The training session will provide an opportunity to learn how to seamlessly incorporate virtual proctoring in your courses. It will provide essential details about turning on proctoring, setting up custom proctored tests, and reviewing students' proctored test attempts.

3. You’re ready to use virtual proctoring! After attending training, you’ll know how to:

  • Add RedShelf to your course, which will allow students to access voucher codes they'll use to take virtually proctored tests. More details below.
  • Add the Proctorio tool to your course and place it correctly.
  • Add the Proctorio extension to your Chrome browser.
  • Enable virtual proctoring on tests built in UNM Learn.
  • Customize your proctoring settings for tests.
  • Access and use the Proctorio Grade Book.

    You are welcome to attend training in any semester, but it's only required the first time you use virtual proctoring.

How will my students gain access to Proctorio?

Proctorio is a tool that students will purchase as a course material through Inclusive Access via the UNM Bookstore and RedShelf. This provides students “day-one access” to virtual proctoring. Course passes for Proctorio cost $20 and cover unlimited proctoring in a single course for one semester.

When students first view links to proctored tests in UNM Learn, they will see prompts to download the Proctorio extension and use Chrome, the compatible browser. Clicking those prompts will guide them through a quick process to set up Proctorio on their computers. When it’s time to take their first test, students will complete a pre-check process to secure the testing environment and test equipment. Proctorio will then prompt them to enter an access code. They can find and copy this access code from the RedShelf Course Materials page you’ve added to your course. Once redeemed, a code will enable proctoring for all virtually proctored tests remaining in the course.

If you have specified in your request form that you will record audio and/or video of proctored tests, the required equipment can be listed as course materials so that students can use bursar funds to purchase it. Students without access to computers can rent them for day use at Dane Smith Hall. For more information about equipment rental, see the Hardware & Resource Requirements section of the general information document for students.

Where can I get help for Proctorio?

We look forward to working with you in a virtual proctoring training session prior to your first semester using Proctorio. Proctorio has extensive online documentation, context-sensitive Help links, and 24/7 chat to support you and your students. However, you must be logged into Learn and have a course where the Secure Exam Proctor link has been added correctly to access those resources. UNM Learn Support is also trained to assist instructors and students in using Proctorio.  There is also online documentation.  See Getting Started and Guidelines and Best Practices.

Top Tips for using Proctorio

As you work with Proctorio in training and beyond, keep in mind:

  • Google Chrome & Extension:
    • Students and Instructors must use Google Chrome as their browser in order to access any virtual proctoring function in Learn.
    • Students and Instructors will need to install a Google Chrome extension
  • Instructors: Don’t move, hide, or rename the Secure Exam Proctor link. This breaks virtual proctoring in your course. Students using Google Chrome won’t see the link.
  • You must include a virtually proctored practice test in your Learn course, due during the add/drop period.
  • A small number of your students may prefer live proctoring. To opt-out of virtual proctoring, they should opt out of Proctorio in RedShelf and contact you to make alternative proctoring arrangements. They must opt out of Proctorio before the last day to DROP in order to avoid virtual proctoring charges on their bursar accounts.