Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE:  Proctorio is being phased out starting Summer 2021.  For virtual proctoring, please use Respondus LockDown Browser with Monitor.

For questions that are specific to Proctorio, open a Proctorio-enabled test in your Google Chrome browser.  Their support resources should be available upon entry--including documentation and live chat.  To contact Learn support use the Create A Support Ticket in your course menu and/ or call 505-277-0857.

*Why do I need training to use Proctorio?
Proctorio provides for a high level of customization that will allow you to tailor the proctored exam experience to each test in your course. Training with the UNM Learn team will help ensure that your use of virtual proctoring doesn’t make students frustrated or anxious. We’ll show you how to get the data and assurance you need, while letting your students continue on their learning paths with minimal hassle.

*Why should I assign a practice test? Will students even take it? 
Administering a practice test in your virtually proctored course gives students an opportunity to test their equipment and try using Proctorio. Not all students will take the practice test, but offering one supports an accessible learning environment. Offering the practice test during add/drop lets students try the tool before they have to choose whether to use inclusive access to "opt out" and make alternate proctoring arrangements. Assigning a few points for completing a proctored practice test provides an incentive for students to work out technical issues before using Proctorio for a higher stakes assignment.

*What expectations should I set with students about virtual proctoring?
Communicate with your students about your expectations of their behavior in proctored test attempts. Always link to the virtual proctoring student documentation in your syllabus and Learn course. Direct your students to the list of information collected on the prechecks page of your practice test.  If you use the room scan feature, let students know what you would like to see (work surface, all 4 walls of the room, book etc.) If your proctored tests will record audio or video, or disallow multiple monitors, tell your students.

*Do I have to use Google Chrome to use Proctorio?
Yes, you and your students must use Google Chrome. Note: the vendor is working on compatibility with other browsers; it is on their development roadmap.

*I visited the Proctorio help site and it says I can’t access the article I’m looking for. What’s the problem?
To access the Proctorio help site, you must be logged in to UNM Learn and on a page in a virtually proctored course where you are an instructor.

*My students are being prompted for a password when they enter a proctored test. I didn’t set up a password. How can I give them access?
If one or more of your students are using Chrome to access their test and see a password prompt, check to see that the Secure Exam Proctor link is configured correctly in your course (See the "Add the Proctorio Tool" tab on the Getting-Started page). If virtual proctoring on the test is working as expected for most students, but one student is seeing the password prompt, ask them to look for a reliable internet connection, and refer the student to Proctorio support.

*What if my students don’t have the required equipment to take my virtually proctored tests? 
      Local Students - Laptops with webcams can be checked out at no cost from Dane Smith Hall Rm. 121 with a valid LoboID, weekdays during business hours.  For more information, call 505-925-9605. 
      Distance Students - For students not attending UNM Main Campus, please visit for a list of alternative testing center locations across the state

*My course assistant cannot see the Proctorio Grade Book?!   
Users given the role of Grader cannot access the Proctorio Grade Book.  If your course assistants need access, choose the Teaching Assistant's role.  If a role needs to be changed, the instructor of record should use the Create A Support Ticket link inside the course to make that request.  Be sure to include the NetID and name of the assistant.

*Does Proctorio access my web browsing or other internet usage data?
Yes, but Proctorio only accesses your browsing and internet usage data while you are taking virtually proctored tests in UNM Learn. The extension activates when you visit a virtually proctored test page in UNM Learn, and starts collecting the internet usage specified by your instructor during the pre-check process. See our Privacy Statement  for more information.

*My tests are on a publisher website or tool. Can those tests be virtually proctored?
Yes.  You must set up a course in UNM Learn, then in the Proctorio Settings, use “In-Quiz Links Only” feature of “Disable New Tabs” setting.

*I changed my mind about using Proctorio for a test where I already enabled it.  Help!
Under Edit Test Options, the checkbox that says "Remote Proctoring" is right under the heading for Proctorio Settings.  It is tiny and easy to miss!  Simply uncheck it and Submit.
Step-by-step instructions:  Go to the Content Area where you have deployed it.  Mouse over the right side of the title to reveal the drop-down menu.  Click Edit Test Options. Scroll down to Protorio Settings.  the checkbox that says "Remote Proctoring" is right under the heading for Proctorio Settings.  It is tiny and easy to miss!  Simply uncheck it.  Click Submit.