Syllabus Resources

Below are some useful recommendations and resources to help you customize your syllabus so that it explains your policies and expectations for the online environment.

Things to Include:


  • What is the best way to contact you?
  • Will you be using Course Messages or the Email tool? 
  • How often will you be checking? 
  • How will students be notified if class is canceled?
  • How will students be notified of any changes in the class schedule (e.g., Announcement in Learn, Course Message, notice on course homepage, etc.)?

Online Tools and Materials

Plan for the expected (and unexpected)

  • Remind students that Learn has a weekly maintenance outage and may have scheduled maintenance during the term. Include a link to this page for details:
  • Encourage students not to wait until the last minute to submit work.  E.g., "Due to the potential for personal emergencies, illness, technical issues, Internet outages, or other unexpected things that may prevent you from submitting assignments and exams on time, do not wait until the last day or minute to submit. Leave yourself some time to get help if needed before the due date."
  • Let students know how you will handle missed due dates or interrupted tests, etc. in the event of an unplanned Learn outage. E.g., "If there is an unplanned Learn outage within three hours of a due date, I will generally extend the due date by one day. I will post a course Announcement in Learn with specific details."

Technical Support

UNM Resources

Syllabus Templates

  • The Registrar's Office has posted a Sample Syllabus - see  In particular, you may want to review sample verbiage for the following:

    • Accommodation Statement
    • Title IX Statement
    • Academic Integrity Statement - e.g., "You should be familiar with UNM’s Policy on Academic Dishonesty and the Student Code of Conduct which outline academic misconduct defined as plagiarism, cheating, fabrication, or facilitating any such act."

  • Departments and branches often have well-developed templates.  Be sure to consult them for standardized language that may apply to your courses.