Feature & Function Updates

May 22nd, 2021 – UNM Learn 9.1 3900.8 Update

UNM Learn was updated to the 9.1 3900.8 Release on May 22nd, 2021. Details on new and improved features are provided below.

New Content Editor

Blackboard has replaced the Content Editor in Learn in this release. The process for adding files, media and mashups has been consolidated into the Power of Plus, paste functions have been enhanced, and compatibility with a range of devices has been improved as has accessibility. Computer code is now easier to include, and text wrapping around images can now be achieved with the justify buttons.

Layout and buttons (icons) have been updated, some moved to the plus sign at the very end.

Power of Plus - Adding files, media and Mashups consolidated and streamlined  

The workflow for adding files, media and Mashups has changed. These options can now be found in one concise menu by clicking the “+” symbol in the Content Editor toolbar. The Content Editor automatically recognizes the file types that are added and embeds them accordingly. The preview screen that used to appear when inserting content has been removed to streamline the process.

Add files, media and mashups is now under the plus icon at the bottom right corner of the toolbar.

NOTE: There is a known issue for instructors and course assistants when adding Kaltura Media Mashups--a table containing a small, additional thumbnail is displayed. Any text added below the table will not be visible after clicking submit.  See the faculty UNM Learn Critical Issues page and Add Media as Mashup using the Content Editor.

Changes to the Spellchecker tool

The spell-checking tool is now an on-demand process, as opposed to the previous automatic behavior which highlighted misspelled words while typing. The new workflow requires that users manually click the Spellchecker tool in order to scan through text and identify misspelled words. A menu then appears, providing suggestions to correct them. The spellchecker also uses a new dictionary.

Spellcheck icon is an ABC with a check.

NOTE: Blackboard user communities have voiced frustration with the change to the spellchecker being on-demand. Blackboard implemented this workflow as a fix to address a critical performance issue with the check-as-you-type method. Blackboard is reviewing the Spellchecker tool and it may be modified in future updates. 

Known issue:  What you see is *not* always what you get

When working in the Content Editor, some formatting is not consistent with what is published: what you see when you are editing may not be what you get when you submit/ publish. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Fonts
  • Spacing
  • Style elements in Tables
  • Bullets
  • HTML tags such as button tags or input tags.
  • Text color (e.g., text color may appear gray while editing but will appear black when published.)

NOTE: Blackboard has confirmed that this is a software defect. They are currently researching the problem and plan to provide a fix in a future release. This issue has been added to the faculty UNM Learn Critical Issues page and the UNM Learn Critical Issues for Students page.

Enhancements to paste functions

Embedded links generated automatically for certain sites

When pasting a web link from certain websites, it will automatically be converted into an embedded link with preview thumbnail. This applies to YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, The New York Times, WordPress, SlideShare and Facebook.

Remove or Keep Formatting

When pasting, users have the option to remove or keep formatting. Remove formatting retains basic HTML, e.g., heading sizes, font styles like bold and italics, but removes the extraneous formatting from sources such as Microsoft Word. Note: this means the remove formatting option is not the same as pasting text only.

Copy/Paste keyboard shortcut reminder

If you click the paste icon from the content editor toolbar when using a browser that does not allow access to the clipboard, you will get a warning message regarding the keyboard shortcuts you need to use.

Improved device compatibility

It is easier to create and publish content on mobile devices. Content editor tools no longer open in separate windows. Instead, they appear as pop-ups (Overlay Modals) in the same window to support an easier user experience.

Improved accessibility

The Content Editor itself is more accessible (better contrast, larger buttons), and includes a new accessibility checker to help users make the content they created more accessible. This compliments the functionality offered by the Ally accessibility tool.

Display computer code

Users can now share formatted computer code using the Code Snippet tool.

NOTE: We do not recommend students use it on tests. In our testing, upon submission, line breaks are stripped from text that is added to test answers using the Code Snippet tool, causing the code to display on a single line. This issue has been added to the faculty UNM Learn Critical Issues page and the UNM Learn Critical Issues for Students page.

Easy text wrapping

To wrap text around an image, highlight the text then click the left or right justification icons from the toolbar.

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Prior Updates 

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