Simple Course Copy

Reusing content inside UNM Learn is easy and powerful.  You can use the Course Copy function to copy a class from one semester to another; to move materials from a temporary course to a real one, to copy from a child to a parent course if you have grouped your classes, etc.  

At the start of each semester, if you do not see your new class sections on your My Learn page, you will need to go to Loboweb and request that your courses be web-enhanced.  Next, if you plan to combine any of your sections, request a section group (generally processed in 1-2 business days).  If you are using publisher content, you will want to follow their instructions, being sure to load those first, before adding additional materials.

To repeat: (if these apply to you) 1. Web-enhance your class sections and 2. Request any section groupings.  Now you're ready!

Here is how to copy content from one course to another:

1. In Learn, open the course you want to copy FROM.  (If you section-grouped the old course, be sure that is the one you open ~"College Algebra - Spring 2014 Section Group GX3.")

2. From the Packages and Utilities menu on the left, select Course Copy.

3. In the Select Copy Options section, next to Destination Course ID, click Browse to see your list of courses.

4. Search for the course section you are copying TO.
(If you section-grouped, you are looking for the new parent course ~"College Algebra - Fall 2017 Section Group FX3.")
Put a dot in the radio button next to the correct course and click Submit.

Course Copy

5. If you don't have special circumstances, you can click Select All to import everything.   NOTE: If are just copying Assignments and/or Discussions and they are graded, you must select “Grade Center Columns and Settings” for these activities to copy properly.

Course Copy

A couple of caveats:

  • Copying is an additive process! If you copy items that you copied before or that are already in the course, duplicates will be created including any associated grade book columns.
  • Announcements - If selected, any and all announcement postings from the past semester will be repeated in the new course. You can edit them, but you cannot delete them in bulk; so weigh the pros and cons.
  • For Discussions, choose whether you want the first post in each thread to be copied into the receiving course.  If you have Group Discussions, unfortunately, student posts (minus the names) will be copied over no matter which option you choose.  Leave yourself time to delete them before you populate your groups and make them visible.

    Option to not copy the first thread message with Discussions

6. Under Course Files in the File Attachments section, the default is fine: Copy links and copies of the content (Include entire course home folder).

Course Copy

If you have publisher student access codes in your course, you will see an additional option: Copy Course Cartridge materials. If you have concerns about this option, please contact before proceeding.

7. Click Submit.

Course Copy

8. The process will run in the background.  Depending on the size of the course and the load on the Learn network, the copy process can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.

Course Copy

9. When the copy process is complete, the message will change to look like this. You will also receive an email confirming that the course copy was successful and is complete.  We recommend you wait at least 30 minutes after copying to check content in your course; there have been cases where the "copy complete" email arrived before the system had actually finished the process.  Initiating the copy again during this interval will ultimately create duplicates requiring tedious clean-up.

10. Check your course to make sure everything is there:

  • Check Announcements--to make sure you haven't copied in old ones that are not relevant. 
  • Check Discussion forums, to make sure starter posts are there if they should be, and that previous student posts are NOT there if they shouldn't be. 
  • Review and clean up any group discussion boards that have been copied over.  Group Discussion Forums MUST BE cleaned out by hand; old posts WILL be copied over no matter which option you select during the copy process. 
  • Don't forget to update your syllabus and review all dates.  To help with that, see the Date Management tool.

If you have any problems, contact UNM Learn Support.