Export/Archive Course

Please avoid making exports or archives of your UNM Learn courses for the purpose of migration to Canvas. The UNM Canvas Support team has a method to export courses that will help save Learn storage resources and reduce the negative impact on system performance. For more information about how to migrate courses from Learn to Canvas, see Course Migration Options.

Differences between . . .

Export Course
Creates a zip file that you can share with others or import into one of your course shells.
Difference: requires download/upload; can be used in any Learn 9.1 course shell. 

Copy Course
This is the preferred method for copying content between two courses that appear in your course list (e.g., copying from a temporary course to a real course, or copying a course from one semester to another).
Difference: no download/upload necessary but you must have access to both courses.

Archive Course
Create a zip file of your course to save a backup.
Difference: includes student data and work; contact UNM Learn Support to restore an archive.

The Export / Archive Course option is under Packages and Utilities in your Course Management menu.

Both have similar steps:

1. Click the Export or Archive button.
2. Be sure to choose "Copy links and include copies of the files".
3. When exporting, you will be able to select the parts of your course you would like to include.
4. Click Submit. Learn will send you an email when the process is done.
5. Return to the Export/Archive Course page; you should see a link to a .zip file.

Using the Export File
If you are Exporting, you will likely want to download the file with the entry's options menu (to the right of the name of the export file). Select "Open" which will prompt you to save the file. To use this file to add the content to a different course, use the Import function in the destination course.

Using the Archive File
Archives are used to make a point-in-time backup of your course. If you are Archiving for historical purposes, you may leave the zip file in your course or download it. Please be aware that this file will contain FERPA-protected student data/work and is a snapshot as of the date/time you created the archive. To have an archive restored, please contact UNM Learn Support.

Please Note:

  • You will not be able to easily unzip these files to use content for other than course importing.
  • You can choose what course elements you want to be a part of the zip file; however if you select anything under "Content Areas", all assignments and the entire content collection will be included in that zip file.
  • Learn calls these zip files "packages"; when importing, you will select Import Package.
  • Importing is an additive process; your course will not be overwritten by the import; if you import twice, your content will be duplicated.
  • When archiving a course, choose to Include the Grade Center History and to Copy links and include copies of the files.