Hide Courses

If you would like to remove a course from your My Courses module in Learn, you can simply hide the link through the module settings. You may want to do this if you have several courses grouped under a parent course. In this case, you should only work in the parent course, not in the children. So you can hide the children from your My Courses module, leaving only the parent visible. You can also hide any other courses that you don't access frequently in the same way.

1. From the Learn overview page, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the My Courses module, as indicated below.

Manage My Courses module

2. In section 2, Edit Course List, you can select the courses that you would like to show up in your My Courses list, and deselect those you would like to be hidden. There are several course attributes that you can choose to display or hide. The standard view is to select/deselect Course Name and Instructor. If you would like to select/deselect all the attributes for a course, check the box in the Select All/Unselect All column corresponding to the course.

Show hide course attributes

3. After you are done with your selection, click Submit. You will now see your changes reflected in the My Courses module.