Section Groups

In Learn, two or more sections can be merged under a parent course to facilitate managing course content. When you group courses, the content as well as the students are placed in a single area called the “parent” course. Here is where you will build and manage content and monitor student activity for all your grouped sections.

To group your sections, fill out the form on the Section Group Request form, linked below. Sections should be grouped prior to the start of classes to avoid any issues, such as the loss of student work. Please make sure your courses are web-enhanced or scheduled as online or hybrid before filling out the form. The request can take 1 to 2 business days to process. You will receive a confirmation message from UNM Learn Support once your request has been completed:

UNM Learn Section Group Request Form -

Course List

Once your course is grouped, the child and parent courses will be clearly marked in the course list on your main Learn page.

Course List

While you are in a course, you can find the course name at the top of your course menu on your left. This is where you can verify if you are working in the child or the parent.

After grouping your sections, you should only work in the parent course. If you enter the child section, you will see the following warning message on the home page in your course:

Child Warning 1

The same warning will be displayed on the top banner:

Child Warning 2

Clicking on “master course” on either message will take you to the parent course.

In the "My courses" module on the course overview page, the students will see and be able to click on the name of the child course for which they registered. However, in modules such as "Messages" and "Announcements" they will see the name of the parent course.

If you already started creating content in one of the children courses, you can copy this content from the child into the parent course by following these instructions.