UNM Learn Resolved Issues

Page last updated: 10/16/2021

This page identifies critical software defects within UNM Learn which were formerly listed on the UNM Learn Critical Issues page, but are now resolved. Other issues may be resolved as well that are not listed here. For remaining critical issues, please see the UNM Learn Critical Issues page.

Critical issues resolved with the October 16, 2021 Learn 3900.21 upgrade:

Area Issue
Content Editor - Kaltura Mashup When using the content editor to insert a Kaltura Media Mashup, there is no longer an extra table being inserted below the video, and all text entered below the video displays as expected.
Content Editor – What you see is NOT ALWAYS what you get. Changes to the Content Editor have been made to improve formatting consistency between edit view and final display. Published fonts, font colors, spacing, and bulleted lists are now accurately represented when editing in the Content Editor. There are still discrepancies for tables and HTML elements, such as button tags or input tags.

Critical issues resolved with the December 19, 2020 Learn Q4 2019 CU7 upgrade:

Area Issue
Kaltura Media Mashup Users attaching media files through the Mashups > Kaltura Media menu in the content editor (e.g., when composing discussion posts or submitting an assignment, etc.) no longer experience an issue when using the Chrome or Edge Legacy (versions 44 or older) browsers, where, instead of adding the mashup, an empty ‘LTIMashupCreate’ file was generated for download.
Tests This resolved issue applied to Tests that were set to display questions "One at a Time" where the test questions contain images. When the student passes the "Display Until" time that is set in the test, any images in test questions viewed by the student beyond that point now display correctly.

Critical issues resolved with the August 1, 2020 Learn Q4 2019 CU4 upgrade:

Area Issue
Course Copy - Group Discussion Boards When copying courses with Group Discussion Boards and selecting the option to 'Include only the forums, with no starter posts' on the course copy, Group Discussion Boards no longer contain starter posts (which were anonymized by default). Instructors no longer have to delete unwanted posts after copying a course containing Group Discussions.

Critical issues resolved with the March 21, 2020 Learn Q4 2018 CU10 upgrade:

Area Issue
SCORM Assessments

Changes made in version 80 of Google Chrome (released February 4, 2020) no longer impact a student’s ability to complete SCORM assessments. If a student exited the SCORM player by closing or navigating away from the window without properly submitting the attempt, details such as completion, success, score, and duration no longer remain in an incomplete status even though the student completed the SCORM assessment.

Critical issues resolved with the May 19, 2018 Learn Q4 2017 CU2 upgrade:

Area Issue
Section Groups Instructors no longer lose access to the section group if a section within the group is canceled.

Critical issues resolved with the January 6, 2018 Learn Q4 2016 CU6 upgrade:

Area Issue
Bb Grader Users no longer receive the following error message when attempting to use the Bb Grader app: “Something went wrong when we were getting assignments.” You may have to close and reload the app to view submissions.
Display Dates For Items and Web Links, manually typed display dates are now functioning properly.
Inline Grading

Due to the transition from Crocodoc to New Box view, this issue no longer occurs. This issue applied to the Inline Grading tool in Assignments when making comments on submitted documents. When using the Firefox web browser, the last comment made on a student's document will not be saved unless you click within the Crocodoc (document markup) frame after making the comment.


If you are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you should no longer encounter problems with Mediasite Recordings in courses that use this tool. Affected users should no longer see a message indicating that the site uses a plugin that is unsupported.


When a student clicks on an image in a “Hotspot” question the cursor indicator correctly corresponds to where the student clicks.

Critical issues resolved with the August 5, 2017 Learn Q4 2016 upgrade:

Area Issue
Discussions Users with the forum role of “Manager” (Instructors and Teaching Assistants by default) or “Builder” (Course Builders by default) will no longer receive an ‘Access denied’ error when attempting to access Discussion forums that are unavailable to students.
Grading/Grade Center When an instructor clicks the 'Save Draft' button while grading Group Blogs or Group Journals, the grade and any feedback entered will now be retained.

Graders are now able to grade rubric-based assignments without the temporary configuration change that was made on 2/10/17 to work around this issue. Therefore, the workaround that was in place (temporarily allowing the Grader role the ability to edit rubrics) has been reverted.


When students use Internet Explorer 11 to take tests or surveys that contain multiple essay questions and are set to display questions all at once, the cursor will no longer jump from the current essay question to the last essay question.

Critical issues resolved with the May 21, 2016 Learn 9.1.201510 upgrade and subsequent system maintenance:

Area Issue
Grading/Grade Center Using the 'Save Draft' button now works when grading Individual or Group Discussions. The grade and any feedback entered are saved. (Note: ‘Save Draft’ still does not work for Group Blogs or Group Journals. See the critical issues page for details.)
Groups For Group Wikis built on or after 1/7/17, in the Global Navigation 'Posts' window, students will no longer receive notifications of new activity for Group Wikis when they are not a member of the group. 

Critical issues resolved with the May 23, 2015 Learn 9.1.201410 upgrade and subsequent system maintenance:

Area Issue

Users will no longer receive a 'Unable to compile class for JSP...' error when accessing unavailable sessions.

Course Copy - Group Blogs and Journals Instructors can now access gradable group blogs and journals that were copied from another course.
Course Reports The data for certain course reports (such as the 'Course Activity Overview' and the 'Student Overview for Single Course') was sometimes lagging behind by anywhere from a day to a few days due to a high level of user activity. Database updates were done in May 2015 that resolved this issue, which was confirmed when user activity increased again at the start of the Fall 2015 semester.
Discussion Board Email notifications for subscribed discussion forums are now sent to the subscriber if another user who is currently subscribed to that forum drops the class.
Discussion Board - Groups When users post to Group Discussion Boards, alerts about the messages now appear in the What's New module as new unread messages.
Firefox Copy/paste issues when using the Firefox web browser are resolved. Users can now copy from another web page or from within the Learn Content Editor and then paste back into the Content Editor.
Grade Center Comments/feedback uploaded to a Grade Center column from an offline file now save to the Grade Center.
Tests and Surveys Customized Descriptions and/or Instructions in Tests will now display to students when they begin the Test even if the 'Show Test Description to students before they begin the test' or 'Show Instructions to students before they begin the test' options are not checked. This issue was fixed for both Tests and Surveys. (Note: This issue was resolved prior to the 5/23/15 upgrade.)
YouTube Mashup Instructors can now create new YouTube mashups in courses, and existing videos that were previously added with the YouTube mashup tool will now play without the need to open them in a new tab. These issues were resolved on 8/8/15.

Critical issues resolved with the January 11, 2014 Learn 9.1 Service Pack 13 upgrade and subsequent system maintenance:

Area Issue

The Collaborate error “Unable to launch the application” when using Java Version 7u51 was resolved on 1/28/14.


Customers using Mac OS X 10.8.4 and Mac OS X 10.9 were previously affected by Apple security changes which prevented them from launching Blackboard Collaborate sessions and recordings. This issue was resolved with an update to the Collaborate software on 8/4/14.

Course Copy - Discussion Board

Previously, when copying the Discussion Board, it always included the first (starter) post in each discussion thread from the source course, with the author listed as 'Anonymous'. Instructors had to delete the unnecessary copied discussion messages. With SP 13, there is now an option when copying the Discussion Board to "Include only the forums, with no starter posts." Please note, this is not the default option; instructors must select it if they wish to avoid copying the anonymized starter posts.

Note: This issue is resolved for the main Discussion Board only. Anonymized starter posts are still copied for Group Discussion Boards, and this item remains on the UNM Learn Critical Issues page.

Grade Center Instructors should no longer experience the intermittent 'errorParsingDataMsg' error message in the Grade Center. If you experience this error again, please notify UNM Learn Support.
Grade Center Previously, if an instructor entered learner feedback comments for Assignments or Discussions and then later modified the student's grade for that item using full grade center upload (from an offline file), the comments that were previously entered were no longer visible. This issue was resolved via Cumulative Update 11 on 9/27/14. NOTE: This issue does still occur for Tests, however, so that remains on the UNM Learn Critical Issues page.
Internet Explorer 11 Microsoft released a Cumulative Security Update (MS14-010) on 2/11/14 which caused Internet Explorer 11 to crash when an instructor accessed any Blackboard Learn course that had Edit Mode turned on. Blackboard developed a patch to resolve this issue, which was applied to the UNM Learn system on 5/22/14.
Multiple File Upload The Multiple File Upload feature now works without adding UNM Learn to the Java Exception Site List. This issue was resolved via Cumulative Update 11 on 9/27/14.
My Courses Unavailable courses were displayed to students on the My Learn tab (My Courses module), when they should not have appeared at all. Unavailable courses are courses from prior semesters that are no longer open to students, or courses for a current or upcoming semester that have not yet started. The appearance of future courses was resolved when summer and fall 2014 courses were added to UNM Learn on 4/17/14, and past courses were hidden on 5/27/14. Database scripts are also being put in place to resolve the issue ongoing.
Updates Previously, there was an issue for some users related to the 'Updates' module accessible via the global navigation menu in the upper right corner of UNM Learn. Affected users saw the title of one course repeated multiple times, but the updates applied to other courses the user was enrolled in. This issue should now be resolved.

Critical issues resolved with the May 18, 2013 Learn 9.1 Service Pack 11 upgrade and subsequent system maintenance:

Area Issue
Course Reports All course reports are now running. If you encounter any remaining issues with Course Reports, please contact UNM Learn Support.
Export/Archive Course

In some cases, exporting or archiving a course was packaging all of the content from all of the user’s courses, not just the course they were exporting or archiving. This cause of this issue was resolved on 5/18/13. On 8/3/13, a cleanup script resolved the issue for existing courses with the problem.


Instructors can now see feedback they entered and saved in a grading rubric in the attempt itself (without having to view grade details).

Student access to unavailable courses

Students are no longer able to access unavailable courses (courses that have not started yet or older courses that have already closed) via the Course-to-Course Navigation option that appears above the course menu of courses that are open to them. Although the unavailable courses still appear in the Course-to-Course Navigation menu, students will receive an error message if they attempt to enter these courses, and they are unable to access the course content. Also, students can no longer access unavailable courses via the Announcements module on the My Learn page, nor via emailed dashboard notifications containing course links. All three of these entry methods into unavailable courses are now closed to students.

Web Folder URL When an instructor or course assistant creates links within the course using the Web Folder URL that is provided via the '360° View' on files within the course Content Collection, it will no longer cause any future exports or archives of that course to contain content from all of the user's courses.